I'm taking a break.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Hey guys.

I have a little bit of sad news today.

I've decided to temporarily put a hold on blogging.

This is something that I've been thinking about doing for quite a while now. When quarantine first started and I found my way back into blogging, I loved it. It kept me preoccupied when we were all bored out of our minds. But now, I've lost some of the joy that I had for blogging. 

So for now, I've decided to take a break. It may be a week, it may be a month, it may be a year, who knows! And I can't guarantee that I'll ever come back to blogging. I've had to make a. lot. of sacrifices for this blog, and I feel like now is the time that I stop making those sacrifices. You only live once, and as a 13-year-old, I still have a lot of life ahead of me. Every single one of you mean so much to me, and I will be forever grateful of all the support that I've received. Seriously, I would have stopped blogging a long time ago if it weren't for you all. But, I feel like the time is right that I start sleeping in, stressing less, focusing on my goals, regaining a good social life, focusing more on my relationship with God, and so many other things that I haven't been able to do. 

So yeah, I'm taking a break. I appreciate and love every single one of you. I would not be where I am today without your endless love any support.


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 It's Monday and I'm a mess. What's new! I'm going to be honest - The weekend got away from me and I do not have a blog post for today. #bloggerfail Soooooo I'm taking a "blogging break" today. I've seriously got to get my life together...Spring break can't come fast enough! I hope that you all have the best start to your week and I will see you tomorrow!! xo, Ella

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Friday Favorites - 3.12.21

Friday, March 12, 2021

Hello, hello!!

Happy Friday, friends!!

It's Friday. I'm tired. Ready to get through my school for the day and then head up to the lake for the weekend!!

I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, Nancy, and Shelbee to share my favorites from the week!! 

I've talked about the lake in literally every blog post that I've done recently buuuuuuttt it's a favorite!! This past weekend I went up, once again, but brought Meg! We haven't seen each other in SIX months...This visit was longggg overdue ;) We watched Twilight, did karaoke, stayed up wayyyyy too late reviewing food (haha!), took the boat out for a spin, and had a great time!!

I went to our school's first home JV softball game!! Literally, the first one EVER. They just finished up the softball field, and ya know, being the softball-obsessed person that I am (can you sense the sarcasm?), I went to watch a few of my friends play! They came out with a win!! What a great way to start the season!
Anna and Huddy both had tournaments this weekend and they both did very well! Anna had a two-day, and Huddy just had a one-day. It's the opposite this weekend with Huddy having a two-day and Anna having a one-day. Me? Oh, I'll be at the lake...Again ;) Fourth weekend in a row!!

We finally went on a real picnic! No more indoors. Hello, beautiful sunshine! We ate lunch and played some sort of handball, football, something...Ha! I have no clue, but we were having lots of fun!

I got in on all the reading fun this week, and read with Huddy! He's currently reading The Hardy Boys, and EATING IT UP!! He loves it!!

Huddy got in on all the Cozy action this week! Y'all know that I love my Cozy! Who doesn't want to wear a blanket? Seriously, who? I know y'all want to ;) I was petsitting this week, and Huddy joined me and wore Anna's cozy! He was cracking me up!!

He's a mess 😂

We've had BEAUTIFUL weather this week!! Lots of time spent outside!! Here are a few random shots that I have...

Huddy played some wiffleball with his friends!

Double picnics!

And finally, here are some gorgeous views from the week...

Whew! That wraps up this week's Friday Favorites. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you on Monday!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Hello, hello! Happy Wednesday.

I'm starting a new series! 

It's kinda like a "how I" series. How I read, exercise, blog, etc. It's not really like a SERIES, but kinda like a mini-one? Does that make sense? It's no big ordeal, but you know, series are always fun. 

Some things we might cover:

How I exercise
How I blog
How I pack
How I balance
How I keep up with everything
How I plan

If you have any other ideas, drop them in the comments! I'd love to hear them! 

We're kicking it off with how I read. 

I read a lot. I like to read...A lot. I always get questions about how I'm able to read...a lot...while being a student and blogger. So today I'm sharing my ways. 

A quick disclaimer: This is just simply how I read. It's what works for me. It might not work for you, so take everything with a grain of salt. I'm also a fast reader. I'm able to read books fairly quickly while still comprehending everything that I'm reading. Also - I do read a lot. I'm not trying to discredit anyone who doesn't read as much as me. Reading has been a very prevalent thing in my life for as long as I can remember, and I've always loved it, sooooo I spend quite a bit of time reading.  Go at your own pace. Reading is for enjoyment!! 

how do I read? 

I read everything (for the most part) digitally. Out of all 120 books that I read in 2020, I probably read 10 with an actual book. It's not that I dislike real, hardback books, it's just not a very practical/manageable for me, considering how many books I read. And I also just enjoy reading digitally! 

Up until now, I've read them all on my IPad BUT...

I got a Kindle. 🙂 My nana was going to get rid of it, so she asked me if I wanted it, and I said a big ole yes!! I've only read one book on it so far, but I LOVED it!! I love how the book carries over to the Kindle app, so I can bring it everywhere!

how do I pick and choose what I read? 


Let me repeat...


I honestly don't know where I would be without this app. 

For those of you who don't know what GoodReads is 1) What are you doing? DOWNLOAD IT!! And 2) It's an app where you can keep track of all your reading. Books you want to read, books you've read, books your currently reading...It's basically a bookworm's paradise! You can also check ratings, reviews, and leave your own as well! If you want to follow me, you can find my GoodReads here! I'd love to be friends! 

So, back to the question, I use GoodReads to keep track of all the books that I want to read. As for picking which book to read, this is where I need help. I'm soooo unorganized with picking books and it drives me crazy! I need to start making monthly TBRs (to be read). But then again, I'm a mood reader. I basically read whatever sounds good. There's really no method to my madness. Sometimes I'm in the mood to read the new, hyped-out book, classic, fantasy (the rarest, lol)...No method! 

how did you get into reading?

I've been reading my whole life. 

I was that second grader who spent all her time before school...In the library :) 

And when the book fair came to school...Oh, I was just giddy!!

Buuuut, when I was in grades 4-6, I wasn't reading a lot. Finding books when your that age is HARD. I was in a book club with some girls in my neighborhood, but outside of that, I wasn't reading at all. Come 2020, when I made a goal to read 3 books a month. It was kinda a lofty one for me, but I ended up reaching my goal of 36 in June. And then, the craze began. 

I'd like to blame The Hunger Games.

That one got me good. 

Since then, I've kinda been a reading machine. Except for September...We don't like to talk about that one. Readings slumps are the WORST! 

how do you read so much?

I basically read all the time. I like to listen to audiobooks when I'm walking or getting ready, I read before bed, I read on my phone...Basically any time that I can - I'm reading. But here's the funny thing - I don't read during the day. What? Yeah. I like for all my work to be done and out of the way before I settle into reading. This normally happens at around 3-5, and then I basically read for *most of* the rest of the day. I've also realized that I'm just a fast reader. My mom is too -Just carried down to me I guess!! I also like to read in 50-page increments, which helps me get through the book faster. 

I think I've covered the basics. Now for some fun reading questions!

favorite genre?

Ooooh, I really don't have one!! My least favorite is probably chick-lits, but I do like contemporaries sometimes! Fantasy isn't my favorite, but then again, all of the dystopian books that I read qualify as fantasy, so I'm not sure. I like reading memoirs but only as audiobooks. I do like reading thrillers, but it's hard finding YA ones. Romance - Don't love it. Unless there's something else going on. Like romance in a dystopian society? Love it. A book where you see a boy and instantly fall in love and then he starts dating your best friend? Hate it. (sorry One Day in December fans!) I need some sort of thrill!

favorite trope?


I don't know why but I love them. 

I'm also becoming an enemies-to-lovers fan.

*gasp* Who am I? Haha!! 

least favorite trope? 

Insta-love, 100%. 

what was the first book series that you became obsessed with?

Well, in the third grade, I read the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, and reeeaaallllyyy loved it. But, I never finished it :( I also loved Harry Potter. But, the first one that I became obsessed with? The Hunger Games. Then Twilight. 

favorite book of all time?


favorite author?

Umm, this is hard. I love Elizabeth Acevedo and Justin Reynolds a lot. And you know, I like Suzanne Collins, Stephenie Meyers.

authors you are dying to read?

Angie Thomas - Ahhhhh!!!! I want to read The Hate U Give SO BAD. If you've read this, PLEASE tell me, what age do you think it's appropriate to read this book? I can not wait much longer!!

Tiffany D. Jackson - Once again, I need your help!! I want to read Grown, Allegedly, Monday's Not Coming, and so much more!

Kristin Hannah - This won't be happening for a while, but I still reeeaaaalllllyyy want to read her books.

John Green - The classic YA author. 

Adam Silvera - Check! I've already read one of his books, but I want to read so many more!! 

Sarah J. Maas - Lol, this definitely won't be happening anytime soon, but I'm so eager to read her books!


Taylor Jenkins Reid - I. Want. To. Read. The. Seven. Husbands. Of. Evelyn. Hugo. And. Daisy. Jones. And. The. Six. So. Bad.

Celeste Ng - I want to be an adult already!

what is your rating system?

1 - Hated it.

2 - Hated it, but showing some grace.

2.5 - Middle ground. Didn't like it.

3 - Average read/Nothing too special.

3.5 - Good, but had flaws.

3.75 - Great but had minor things that I didn't like. 

4 - This is a great book.

4.5 - A really great book.

5 - Amazing!! READ THIS BOOK.

your top reading tips?

READ WHAT YOU WANT TO READ!! Don't force yourself into reading a book you know you won't enjoy! 

your favorite middle-grade books? 

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan
Number The Stars by Lois Lowry
Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
Hole by Louis Sachar
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne
Any Roald Dahl book
Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo 
Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli 
Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper 
Theodore Boone by John Grisham
Wonder by R.J. Palacio
Blended by Sharon M. Draper
March by John Lewis
The Giver by Lois Lowry

Does that cover everything? If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments!! I'll see y'all on Friday!

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February 2021.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Oh hey, Monday :)

How is everyone today? We had a double-whammy this weekend with both Anna and Hudson having tournaments. Speaking of which - Would y'all like to see a tournament day in my life? I just have to summon up the will to go to one 😜

It's time to review February. 

I feel like I have a love-hate relationship with February. I like it because it's short, but also hate it because it's short. Does anyone else get that? Needless to say, I'm very excited to get into March. 

daily life...

Our everyday lives this month were about as boring as can be. School, sports, repeat. I feel like I'm so obsessed with a routine that I don't let myself branch out at all. Something that I want to explore a bit more in March is changing up my daily life. Because if I'm being honest, I'm tired of this "routine." Change up my workouts, the places where I do school...Just being more flexible and less worried about a constant routine. 

Also - Since I've stopped doing weekly-wrap ups, I've open to doing more day in my life, morning 


I think I need to do an updated favorites post. Yes, I share my favorites every week with Friday favorites, but I feel like I need to do a "product favorites." What do y'all think? Anyway, I shared my "top favorites" of February last week which you can find here


I had one of my best school months in February. I finished all my science and world history tests for the year, which was so exciting and stress-relieving. I passed a few tests in math, but I'm going to crack down a bit harder on getting all of them done this month. But the big thing is that I got a 100 on my science project!! Y'all, I was SO. STRESSED. about this project (literally...ask my mom), so I was absolutely over the moon to see my work paid off. 


I honestly feel like I need to remove this from my prompts because it's the same every time. I wore a lot of pink this month, and even included a lot of Valentine's Day outfit ideas in one of my Friday favorites.

I think these might be my most worn items from February. You may be asking - Aren't they the same thing? Yes...But no ;)

The first one is my beloved Walmart sweater. The difference between these two sweaters is their materials and how I wear them. As you can see in the photo above, I'm wearing them both with black leggings. But, the first one, I would normally pair with yoga pants. 

Or, I would wear it over something. Say it's sorta chilly outside and I'm going for a walk. I'll probably heat up after a bit, so then I'll take off the sweater and tie it around my waist. Simple! 

As for the other one, (it's from Amazon!) I pretty much exclusively wear it with black leggings like it's pictured, or I'll wear it with some shorts. 


Ummm, I'm honestly not sure how well I did on fitness this month. Average I guess? Just the basic walking, working out in the morning...You know. I tried to make sure I was doing something active every day. 


I feel like I had a pretty good "book month." While there were a few that I didn't like, there was a lot that I did!! If you want to check out my February book review, you can find that here

I read...

Nerve by Jeanne Ryan
The Space Between the Stars by Anne Corlett
City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
When You Look Like Us by Pamela N. Harris
With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo
You Have a Match by Emma Lord
Educated by Tara Westover
The Black Kids by Christina Hammonds Reed 
White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo
A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey
They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera 
Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes 
Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall 
Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart
Every Body Looking by Candice Iloh

Also - When you look at the top of this blog's homepage, I have a book tab!! Now you can keep up with allllll my reading :)

looking back on february...

Another boring month in the books. School got very busy, sports started back, and I made a few lake visits - That's pretty much it!!

february at a glance...

this month on the blog...
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