30 Day Blogging Challenge

Monday, May 20, 2019

If you didn't see Kate's most recent post on her blog-1, You should totally check it out, and 2, It talks all about this new 30 Day Blogging Challenge we are starting!

These are all the prompts we will be doing...

Day 1- Your blog name, and why
Day 2- Your family
Day 3- Why you love...
Day 4- 20 facts about you
Day 5- Your favorite quote
Day 6- What are you afraid of
Day 7- Your dream job
Day 8- What makes you happy
Day 9- If you won the lottery...
Day 10- Where will you be in 30 years
Day 11- Your favorite blogs
Day 12- Your proudest moment
Day 13- Your most embarrassing moment
Day 14- Your hidden talent
Day 15- Your favorite thing in the world
Day 16- Your worst habits
Day 17- Favorite, quick hair-do
Day 18- What's in your closet
Day 19- Morning Routine
Day 20- A picture of yourself
Day 21- Top 5 favorite songs
Day 22- Hopes for your blog
Day 23- Best trip you've ever taken
Day 24- What makes you happy
Day 25- Favorite book, and why
Day 26- What's in your bag
Day 27- What makes you sad
Day 28- Your bedtime routine
Day 29-  Your main goal
Day 30- Why you love blogging

It's going to be so fun! If you are a blogger, we would LOVE for you to link-up with us! I will just add on the prompt to my regular post!

Today's is...MY BLOG NAME!!!

If you did not know (which you totally should, because you are reading it), my blog name is "A Little Bit Of Life. I chose this name, because I loved that bloggers tell people about their lives, and the name just goes with it! I love that it is easy to say, and that it is actually what I am doing on my blog!

Well that's all for this short post! Catch me tomorrow, where I will talk about my family!!

Sneak peek of my life...

Yep-Summa is finally here!! 

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