About Me-My First Entry!!

Friday, May 3, 2019

 Hi!! I'm Ella!!

I'm just a small-town girl from Alabama, that loves reading, writing, running, acting, and spending time with the person who is absolutely #1 in my life-God!

I'm from a family of 5, that I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING!

I also have the best group of friends who are always so supportive, and so, so, sweet!

Like I mentioned before, I love running! It's my passion! I plan to try out for the cross country team, as well as the track and field team next year!

My life is always crazy!

I also have a sister, who is absolutely insane!

She is a strong-willed, softball-playin', person that is my best friend! I know that God has great plans for her, and I get a front row seat!

I also have the sweetest little brother who is always so supportive! Especially, of my singing career, which I DON'T have!

He plays, soccer, basketball, baseball, and enjoys being active! He is definitely ALL BOY!!

Well, now you know all about me! Thanks for stumbling upon my small piece of the internet, and I hope that you will continue to read more!

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