Ella’s Closet-Summer Favorites

Monday, May 13, 2019

 How is everybody today on this wonderful Sunday? I know that I am great! Today, I will be trying something new-I will be sharing some of my favorite summer outfits! 


As you know, this one of my new favorite outfits for the summer! I think that this top is super summery, and it goes great with all things! It also comes in two other super cute floral patterns! I love these shoes, and these light-colored jeans are just perfect for the summer!


This outfit is a great one for summer! The color of this top, paired with my favorite pair of stretchy jeans, is perfect for anything! These are my go-to sunglasses, and I absolutely LOVE the way these shoes look! I also paired it with one of my favorite necklaces!

Top (I couldn't find the exact one online)/Jeans/Shoes/Necklace


This outfit is super comfy, but also super cute! I love how soft and flowy this shirt is, and also how comfy these shoes are! This outfit is great for running errands, and also for being out-and-about! I also love these comfortable shorts, and necklace!

Top (Very similar but in different colors)/Shorts/Shoes/Necklace


This outfit is a great one for a day out! It's very comfortable, but also stylish and cute! A day out with friends, or catching a movie with you kids, this outfit is great for it all! These shoes are cute, and comfy, and this shirt is also comfy, and cute!


This is a great outfit for church, or any nice occasion! I love the floral pattern, and how the gold necklace, and shoes, complete the outfit!


This outfit is more for running around, and getting things done, but it's just as cute! I love these comfortable shoes, and isn't this top just the cutest! When you purchase anything from the Ivory Ella website (where the shirt is from), the proceeds go to the Save The Elephants Foundation! Two great things in one!



Finally, I am going to show you two of my favorite swimsuits for summer! I love the colors on both of them, and they fit perfectly! I also paired it with my blue sunglasses, once again!

Purple Swimsuit-From Ambercrombie and Fitch
Pink Swimsuit-From Target, I just couldn't find the link

Well, that's all for this post-Thanks for reading! 

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