For Reese and Maggie.

Friday, May 24, 2019

 As some of you may know, from previous posts, my besties, Reese and Maggie, left on Tuesday for Texas and Birmingham. They left, and I cried. I miss them so, so much. They are such important people in my life, and to have them gone just breaks my heart. Their friendship is so important to me, and we are still trying to communicate in the best ways as possible. Texts. FaceTime. We’ve tried it all. It’s hard to have them away, but that friendship will never leave me. These sweet girls are so kind, supportive, considerate, and just plain awesome. All I ask from you is to pray for these girls. Pray for peace. For comfort. For making new friends. For finding a house. Pray that they will trust in God, throughout this hard process. Pray that they will know, He is with them. So far, they seem to be settling in. I know that they are sad they had to leave, but I also know that this is a great opportunity for them. They get a fresh start, and they get to live in a new environment. A new place to love. It may seem not fun now, but they will get settled, and they will LOVE their new place. I’m missing y’all so much, and I can’t wait to reunite one day. 

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