Friday Favorites

Sunday, May 12, 2019

 Hi friends! Hope you are having a GREAT weekend!

Today I'm going to be doing this week's edition of Friday Favorites (even though it's Sunday)! I will be linking up with the best bloggers EVER-AndreaNarci, and Erika!

Anyone excited that it's Mother's Day? I know I am!

I literally have the BEST MOM EVER!! She is so kind, and is always there for me!

My mom is always encouraging me, and supports me through everything that I do! She believes that I can do anything!

I also want to talk about my grandmother (Nana), who is always the life of the party! She makes me laugh all the time, and I can assure you that any time that you are with her, you will be having a blast!

Can we just take a second to talk about how awesome my friends are?

On Thursday my friends threw me a suprise birthday party! I love these sweet friends! They are so considerate, and they make sure that the fun is never done!

Have you ever seen this movie...

It is one of my new favorites! This movie was very sad, but also very inspiring! I loved the story, and all the acting was very good!

Well that's all for today! Thanks for reading, and make sure that you are making this day very special for your mother!

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