Memorial Weekend 2019

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


It’s time for the Memorial Day Weekend Recap!! Anyone excited!! This recap has been highly anticipated for me, and now it’s finally here!!
Woohoo!! Heading to the lake!! If you weren’t aware, we go to the lake every Memorial Day for some fun in the sun, and to celebrate Anna’s birthday!!
“What are you doing to me crazy lady?!”-Ollie
There’s the future 10-year-old!! 
And the Hudster Budster!!
After getting to lake, we immediately headed  to the water!! 
After being in the water for multiple hours (I know #bloggerfail-I have no photos!!), we headed upstairs to enjoy this wonderful masterpiece...
Oh yeah!! Cha-cha-charcuterie!! We took this thing DOWN!! It was delicious!
We had a delicious meal that consisted of hamburgers, and sweet potato fries, then I did my daily FaceTime with Reese!!

On to day 2...
I have, once again, no photos from the morning, but I do have a lot from the afternoon!! In the morning we ate breakfast, and went down to the lake!! 
Oh, how I love. 
All our peeps.  
Oh, look at this crazy boy...what we going to do with him!!
So much fun!!
“No more pictures El1a, I’ve got to go!”-Huddy 
I love my sweet Anna!
Isn’t the lake so pretty!! 
So relaxing!! 
Anna wanted to show her “mean face!” 
There’s the Anna, we know and love!!
This is Huddy, and his front flip attempt!! Pretty impressive!! 

After cleaning up, we had a great dinner, then everybody went and relaxed!!
10, tomorrow!! 

Huddy’s shirt speaks the truth!!
Then we ended the night with this sweetheart!!  

We woke up on Monday, with a 10-year-old in the room!! 
Once we had woken up, and gotten breakfast, it was PRESENT TIME!!!
This buddy's got a birthday in a few months!! 7!! Wow!! Time has definitely flown by!! Wasn't I just, holding Hudson for the first time?!
After all that was completed, we wanted to get a head start on the water...this is my dad skiing!!
Then this was me earlier! Fun fact...I can slalom water ski (ski with one ski)! 
I also like to go down, and touch the water, while skiing!!
There's the birthday girl!! Wasn't she just seven!? Now she's double digits!! I remember telling my mom not too long ago "Anna doesn't have to pay, she's under seven." 😂 Like seriously...where has time gone!!
After swimming at the dock, we had a great shrimp boil!!
Then, in honor of the birthdays, we had ice cream cake (My dad had his birthday earlier that week! 
Then after eating some delicious cake, we packed up, and hit the road!
A quick car selfie...with a sleeping Hudson in the back!!
That is one tired boy!!

That wraps up the weekend!! We had a great, fun weekend, and we hope you did too!! But before we go...
What would I do if I won the lottery!? I would probably buy a phone, or save it and put it to better use when I'm older. House, car, etc.!!

Have a blessed week!!

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