Monthly Make-Ups

Sunday, May 5, 2019

How is it May? I mean how? It seems like we were just counting down till midnight on New Years Eve!

On today's post, I am linking up with my bestie Reese!

We are going to bring you something new...

Monthly make-ups!! This is basically were we go over our month! If you like these types of blogs, linkup yourself!

This month has beem CRAZY BUSY!! With softball, baseball, and play practice, we have something EVERY NIGHT!! 


This month was also Easter, which was so much fun!

We went to the lake, and had a blast!

This month has also been filled with friends!

May is always a super busy time for us and this year, just gets busier! We've got the play this month, the last baseball game and softball game, and finally ALL THE BIRTHDAYS!!

This month we have 3 birthdays, just in our 5-person family! My grandmother, cousins, and a ton of other family members also have their birthday in this month! My birthday is actually tommorrow, and I'm so excited!

So, that wraps up today's post! Hope your enjoyed!

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