My Night Routine!

Saturday, May 18, 2019


Hey friends!! How is your STUPENDOUS Saturday going? Mine, is pretty good! We had opening night yesterday...And everybody did phenomenal!! We all had the first night jitters, but everybody still did amazing!!

We were all nervous-Could you tell?? Maggie, Reese, Mag, Bella, EVERBODY DID AMAZING!! Like they have some SERIOUS acting skills!! Also-The stage managers, and technicians, they all did spectacular!! 

Ok. Enough of that. Let’s get started with my night routine!!

First I...

Get into my comfy PJs!! My usual OOTD for pajamas is old t-shirt, and flannel pants. 😆 I try to dress cute, but I usually just grab things from the drawer. 🤦‍♀️

Then I like to put my hair up! Normally, I put it into a bun, and use this super cute hair wrap that Reese gave me!!


I then, like to sit, and work/watch tv!!


Then I pack my lunch!!


This is what an usual lunch looks like for me!


Then I will wash off my makeup!!


And wash my face! I like to use Proactive!



Then it’s time to brush my teeth!!


I then lay out my clothes for the next day! 


Sometime in between the I will hang out with Anna!



And I will write on her whiteboard!


Once all of that is finished, I will go down and wash my water bottle!


And get my melatonin! 


Then I finish the night off, with reading my book!!

Well, there you have it!! Thanks for reading this post, and I will see you tomorrow! 

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