Oh, Hey Monday!

Monday, May 6, 2019


Today me and Reese are linking up to bring you our very first...

This is basically where we go over our week!

This is a VERY special Monday for me! This Monday I'm twelve-Last Monday I was eleven! Yea, that's right! It's my birthday, and that makes this Monday EXTRA special!

So today my dad took me to school (which is always a special treat considering the fact that I leave my house at 6:40), and I got checked out at lunchtime to go eat with my mom and grandmother! Tonight my sister has a game, and then tommorrow we are celebrating at Cucos (a local restaurant that is SOOO good)!

This week's schedule...
Monday-My birthday, Anna game
Tuesday-Anna practice, Cucos
Wednesday-Play practice, STUDY
Thursday-Math test, Science test, book club
Friday-Field day!
Saturday-Anna tournament

So yeah, this week is just normal (except for my birthday)!

Me, Reese, and Arden just having fun, taking some pictures on this wonderful Monday!

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