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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


You know how everybody is obsessed with Amazon? Well I'm obsessed with Old Navy! On Monday I ordered 8 items, and got everything under $90!! They are currently doing a huge half-of sale, so you should totally check them out to get geared for summer! 


The first thing I ordered was this quarter-button up, top! We first found this top in stores, and tried it on! We really liked it, so we said we would come get it when it goes on sale. Well, it went on sale! We purchased this shirt for $12.50, where it was originally $24.99! What a steal! I chose this charcoal-grey color, but if that's not the color for you, it also comes in a plethora of other colors!


The second item that was purchased, is this lace-shoulder tee! I chose the rose gleam color, because I thought it was just so cute! I ordered this shirt in a XXL, because I didn't want it shrinking on me any time soon (Since I am a growing girl, that tends to happen to me, and I hate it!)! And this shirt was purchased for $8.50! I know right...Just awesome!


The next item on the list is this ADORABLE olive green, pocket tee! It comes in a ton of other colors, but this color was the perfect one for me! I also have this shirt in grey...As you can tell-I'm hooked! I purchased this shirt at the price of $7.50! A great deal! This shirt is great for summer, and it will be worn on repeat!


I am currently loving this flowy, light, tee for summer! It's perfect for anything! I love the blush color,  and the price! $6.50! It is currently half-off. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SALE!! Everything Old Navy is currently selling is adorable, and the price just makes it better! So affordable, so cute!


The final top for this order recap, is this navy, and white, striped, tee! I thought that this tee would be perfect for all types of summer occasions! From 4th of July, to an all-star game...This shirt can do it all! If the navy isn't for you, it also comes in 3 other colors! This navy just spoke "SUMMA"! This tee was purchased for $8.50.




These were all the shorts I purchased in my recent order. I needed some new go-to shorts for summer, and these were just perfect!

6. These pocket-revealing jean shorts are sooooo cute! I love the light color, and how they roll at the bottom! The pocket showing, wasn't really my style, but I loved the color, and everything else about it, so I just HAD to get it! My plan is to tuck the pocket back up into the shorts! These shorts were purchased for $12.50!

7. These chambray shorts are the most adorable shorts EVER! I love the length, the color, and how they look more formal than normal shorts! I just LOVE THEM!! These shorts were purchased for $10! These shorts also come in a few other colors, that I think would also be so cute!

8. These high waisted, ripped, cutoff jean shorts are, once again, sooo cute! I love the rips, and how they are not too revealing, and I also love the high-waisted! I love these shorts, and the price! $12.50!  Can't be beat!

I know...I am TERRIBLE!! I've already failed the challenge and it is the SECOND DAY!

Today we will be talking about family, and framily! (AKA-Friends that are like family)

This is my family! I have a brother. A sister. Two dogs. And the best parents in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! I love my family to pieces and I always try to spend the most time with them as possible!

My parents are so supportive, and so kind! They believe that I can do anything I put my mind to!

My sister is my best friend! We do everything together! She is strong-willed, free-spirited, and also super kind-hearted!

My brother is the best! He is super kind, but also ALL BOY! He plays soccer, basketball, and baseball! He loves to do anything, and everything active!

Finally my two dogs. Henry (The one pictured) is our 100 pound, chocolate lab! He is so loyal, and calm, but he also loves to run free! He is my running buddy!

Then, there's Ollie! He is a rat-terrier, and I love him to pieces! He is so cuddly, but also loves to run around! If you give him a bone, he'll chew at it for HOURS!!

Finally, my friends!

I have a large group of friends, and they mean the world to me! They are always there for me, and I love them so much!

And now for the day three of this challenge! Why you love... I love Old Navy (read above), my friends (read above), and my family (read above)! I also love running! I love running so much! It helps me to escape all the stress in my life! It is my passion! 

That's all for today! I will be back tomorrow, where we will be talking about our summer 2019 goals! Bye, friends!

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