Summer Bucket List 2019

Thursday, May 23, 2019

 Since summer has officially started, I thought that I would share my summer bucket list! This summer is going to be the best yet...Anyone with me?!

This summer has already started out good! Trying to squeeze in all the pool time!

These are my goals for the summer! I am so excited! I’m going to do an update at the end to see what actually happens! 😆 This summer my sister, and brother both made all stars, so my summer will probably be spent at the ballfield! I’m going to try to make the most of it! 

So far, my summer has included the pool, baseball practice, softball practice, and friends! And...

So pretty!! 

Don’t forget, trying to spend all the time I have with this munchkin!

Now it’s time to do the challenge!


The challenge for today is to tell 20 facts about me!

1. My favorite color is pick! 
2. I love to run! 
3. I love to act
4. I love to read Mix and Match Mama!
5. I love to read! 
6. I love Harry Potter! 
7. I have a stuffed animal I sleep with every night called “piggy”! 
8. I love blankets! 
9. I live across the street from my bestie! 
10. My grandparents live next door to me! 
11. I love to swim! 
12. I love the lake! 
13. Last year when my sister made, all-stars we became runners up in the World Series!
14. I hate school!
15. I love a Mandisa, Lauren Daigle, and Danny Gokey!
16. I love kids!
17. I am a Alabama fan!
18. I want to be a teacher!
19. Sleeping is my favorite!
20. I play tennis!

Thanks for reading! That’s all for today! See you tomorrow, friends!

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