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Saturday, May 25, 2019


Today I thought I would try something new...I am going to share my top ten! These things can range from anything! From foods I love, to everyday items! This will be a post that we will do once a month, on a Saturday!  Me and Kate are linking up, and we encourage you to do the same!

1. My Water Bottle

I have a Rae Dunn water bottle, and I absolutely ADORE it! My grandmother, and I share a love for Rae Dunn, and for my birthday she gifted me with this wonderful water bottle! I loved the "blessed" bottle, but if that's not for you, there are also savings like "drink", "gulp", or even "be kind"! If you like this water bottle, it can be found here.

2. The Lake!!

If you didn't know, we have a lake house, and we love going there! Now that it's summer, we will be spending a lot of time there, and I am so excited!

Silly string fight for the win!!

Easter egging it up!!

Going to the lake with friends, is always the best!

3. Water Skiing

One hobby that I love doing is water skiing! I know, most of you are think "What??". Water skiing is a really fun activity, where you ski on the water! I really love doing this, and it is one of my favorite lake activities!

4. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

I love Reese's bars! I used to not like them, because I hate peanut butter, but I had one the other day, and it tasted like heaven! My mouth is watering just thinking of it!! I LOVE THEM!!

5. Memorial Day

I am so excited for this Memorial Day weekend!! It is going to be so much fun! We're going to the lake with some friends, and we are going to stay out on the water all day! Memorial Day is also Anna's birthday, so that is also super fun!

6. My Summer Bucket List

Have you read this post?! Definitely one of my top 10s!

7. All The Ball

As some of you may know, my brother, and sister, both made all-stars this year! I am so proud of them! Even though this isn't the best thing for me (WHEN WILL IT END!!!!), it is a great opportunity for them, and I am so excited to see them play!

This is me, sitting through a stressful game last summer.

8. My Alexa

Do you have an "Alexa"? If you don't, then you should totally get one! They are AMAZING!! I love to listen to music on it, set alarms/timers, etc. It is a great product, that you will not regret investing in!

9. The Play

As you know, I was in the school play last weekend, and it went soooo well! Everybody did a fantastic job, and it was such a fun thing to be apart of!

10. My Waterproof Birkenstocks

I have a pair of waterproof Birkenstocks, and I love them so much!! They are perfect for the pool, and all other types of occasions!! They are the best shoes for summer!! I got mine from here

Well, there you have it!! That's my top 10 for this month! Comment down below yours! And for today's challenge...I am afraid of being left behind! Catch y'all tomorrow!

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