10 Facts About Me!!

Friday, April 3, 2020

Hey guys!! Happy Fri-Yay!! I hope that y'all have been relaxing with this time we have, and you have been practicing your social distancing!! It is very important that we stay away from others during this time!! Today I am sharing 10 random facts about me, to get you to know me better!!

1. I have two super cute, and super amazing puppies!! 
This is Ollie. Ollie is a raterrier. Ollie is adorable, but ferocious. He is definitely a guard dog, but he can't do much of that!! Haha!! He definitely has little man's disease!! He loves to snuggle, and he is once again, adorable!! :)
This is Henry. Henry is a chocolate lab. Henry is like the best dog ever. He never barks (unlike Ollie). He is very friendly. And he is very loyal. He loves to run, play, and swim. He is so, so sweet and I love him!!

2. My favorite bible verses are Psalms 139:14, and Proverbs 3:5-6. 

3. Christmas and 4th Of July are my favorite holidays!! 

4. We love to hike!! We go all the time, and its so much fun!! If you live near our area then our favorites are The Deadening, and Chewlaca State Park!!

5. Pink is my favorite color!!

6. I love pizza, fries, ice cream, pasta, and salad!!
7. We love to do chalk!! It's been one of our favorite things during quarantine!! 

8. We also love to bike!! We have biked everyday this week, and I am NOT complaining!!

 9. We are big Alabama fans!!

10. I love to water ski!! I can even slalom!! It's so much fun!!

Well, those are my 10 facts, and I hope y'all have a great weekend!! 

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