How To Be Productive During Quarantine!!

Monday, April 13, 2020

Hey guys!! Happy Monday!! I hope y'all had a good Easter weekend!! Today's post is a little bit different from what I normally do, but hopefully it will help you during this time!! I am sharing ways to be productive during this quarantine!! Hopefully these tips will help you stay productive during the quarantine, and they help you adjust to this new way of living!!

1. Make A Schedule
This really helps you get into a routine for quarantine. Instead of laying in bed all day everyday, this adds some structure to your day!!

2. Make A To-Do List
I can not tell how much this has helped me!! I basically make a list of everything I want to do that day, and put a star by the things that are most important. I do this everyday, and it has been extremely helpful to me!! For people in school: make a list for everything you want done for each subject. 

3. Make Your Bed
Guys. I can not tell how much making your bed can change your day. It literally makes the biggest difference. It also just makes your room look so much more tidy!!
There is also a study on how making your bed is important!! I 100% agree!!

4. Work From A Desk
For those of you who are working/doing school during this break, this ones for you. Sitting at a desk can make your quarantine space feel a little more like your regular work space!! It can help you stay focused!! I have a desk in my room, and it is perfect for working!!

5. Get Dressed Each Day
This is something I really, really recommend to everyone!! Getting dressed everyday is something super simple that can change your whole day. It can inspire you to do more things!! I mean think about it. If your lying around in old, ratty clothes you don't feel productive. But if you get dressed, you want to do more things and you will feel productive!! If you want put on some makeup!! Do your  hair!! Whatever it may be to help you feel productive!! For me, I just wear Nike shorts with a T-Shirt (I wear this because we spend a lot of time outside), I wear my hair natural (no heat), and I wear makeup about once a week. It has really helped me during this quarantine!!

Well there you have it!! 5 ways to help you be more productive during quarantine!! I hope these tips helped you!! I hope you all have a great Monday!!

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