Lake Weekend

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Hey guys!! Happy Monday!! I hope you had a great weekend!! We sure did, and I am here to tell you all about it!! 

It was my parents anniversary a few weeks ago (15 years!!), so my grandparents snuck us away so my parents could celebrate their anniversary without us kids!! But hey!! Us kids were not complaining!!


We kicked off the weekend with some CRAZY pictures!! We were testing out the new iPhone 11 camera, and yes, we were being very silly with it.
 This picture cracks me up!!
There we go.
Actually a decent picture.
 After all that, Nana cooked...
Me and Anna took pictures...
And Huddy played corn hole.

Then we ate that delicious dinner Nana and PopPop cooked up, and watched a movie!!

We watched Ride Like A Girl and we all loved it!!

Well that was our Thursday!!

Friday started off with some schoolwork from Anna and Huddy (I had already finished earlier in the week). Me and Nana walked around our neighborhood-basically all the normal morning things we've been doing in quarantine!!
We were scheduled to leave for the lake at around 12, but then we learned that our new tube was going to be delivered, so we kinda played by ear when we would leave. 
 PopPop went and got us Chick Fi La, and man!! I miss Chick Fi La!!

We ended up leaving at around two!!
Reading in the car-per usual.

When we got there, we quickly unpacked and went out to the boat!!

 Anna showed me hr cheerleading, while we were getting the boat ready!!
 Huddy tubed-He's crazy!!
 Then we found an island, and beached up!!
Blog life vs.
 Real life.
 Here's the wonderful grandparents who make this all happen!!
 I chose not to get in the water...Way to cold for me!!
Once again...Blog life vs.
Real life.
We all got on the tube, and that lasted about 5 seconds. Ha!! As soon as we started, I got way too cold!!

 We love our Sadie. She is the best boat dog!!
Once we got back, we enjoyed a nice dinner on the porch!!
So I'm not entirely sure what is going on in this picture, but I do know that we watched Trolls, and we all got VERY sleepy VERY fast!!

 Saturday we had a nice breakfast of pancakes before..

 My hiking partner.
 We did the Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail, and we loved it!!

 Once we finished hiking, we loaded up and went on the boat again!!
 We went to the same island as Friday, and goes what?! I actually got into to water!! Haha!! That lasted about 0.2 seconds!! It was COLD!!

 It is crazy how alike Anna and Huddy look in this picture!! They could be twins!!

 How can they stand that cold water?!
We had one very sleepy boy on the way home.
And dog too!!
 When we got home, we went to Salon Nana, and got manis and pedis!!
Then we ate cookie dough made cookies!! We tried out a new recipe, and it was pretty good!!

After all of that we had dinner, and then watched The Greatest Showman!! I LOVE this movie!! I always forget how good it is!!
We also learned that Anna is taller than me. Ahh!! I am just distraught over this!!

Then we all went to bed, and conked out!! We were so sleepy from this busy day!!

We had a pretty chill morning. Us kids slept in, while Nana and PopPop had their Sunday small group via Zoom. Then we ate lunch, and went to play the ultimate game of...
 Kickball!! The boys were Team Shark...
And the girls were Team Pink Flamingo!! We had the best time...Definitely recommend this to families!! And guess what?! Girls won!!

Well that was our lake weekend!! We had so much fun, and we loved getting out of the house!! I hope all of you have a great Monday!!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend. I love the pic of Huddy and Sadie sleeping on and under the tube.