Let's Look!!-Easter At Our House

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Hey guys!! Happy Wednesday!! Today I am linking up with the marvelous Shay and Erika, to bring you this month's rendition of Lets Look!! 

April's Lets Look is all about how we do Easter!!
We like to kick off Easter with some egg dying!! We love experimenting with colors, and patterns, and they always turn out so cute!!
We start off the day with Easter baskets! I could't find any pictures from last year, so I just used baby ones. :)
 Then we get all dressed up, and ready for church!! We always look forward to the Easter sermon!! Most times we go up to the lake for Easter, and attend a church service there, but with all the current events, churches have been shut down, so we will be watching a sermon from home this year. 
After church, we change and then we do one of my favorite traditions ever!!
Easter scavenger hunt!! We have done these very year since I can remember, and it is so, so much fun!!
Theres always a surprise at the end, and last year that happened to be...
Silly string!! So fun!!
Then we go out on the boat!! Way to cold for me though!!
He is Risen: Easter Greetings Free Printable
Well that's our Easter!! I hope y'all have a great day!!


  1. We always died eggs too and I loved experimenting with my boys on different ways to do that.