Quarantine Day In The Life!!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Hey guys!! Happy Monday!! I hope you had a great weekend, and I wish you a great week!! Today, I am sharing a "Quarantine Day In The Life." So sit back  relax, and enjoy the show!! ;)
I woke up to see a little spider-man in my room!! I have a pull out chair-thing, and Huddy loves to sleep on it!
Then I did my daily devotional, and journaling. This is a great way for me to connect with God, and to start the day off right!! 
Then I went on a run with Huddy!! Track season is officially over, and I'm super sad, but, I still have to train for cross country in the fall!! 
Love my buddy!!
Then I got partially ready for the day before doing school!!
I-Ready time!! 
After doing my school I finished getting ready, and I snuggled a bit with Ollie!!
My quarantine OOTD: Shirt-Amazon Shorts-Old Navy (Size up!) Shoes-Steve Madden
Then we packed our bags to go on a bike ride!!
Huddy was ready!!
We biked to the...
Tennis courts!!
We played for a little, then we ate lunch!!
Huddy loved it, but got a "little" upset when I beat him!! Haha!!
Once we finished that, we came home, and I had to take a test!! 10/10!!
We were very tired after all that, so we watched a bit of Saved By The Bell with Ollie!!
Then Huddy worked on his coloring, and I observed.
Then we went on an afternoon bike ride!! Can't you tell we love biking?
Then we played with chalk, and I completely forgot to take a picture, so here is one from earlier in the week!!
We then came inside, watched Saved By The Bell, and ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch!
On Fridays we always go to the lake, so we packed up and left!!
I read the whole time :) Fun fact: I don't get carsick at all!!
Then we got to the lake, and we ate dinner, and hung out with my grandparents!!

Well that's our quarantine days!! I hope you enjoyed!!