Quarantine Nighttime Routine!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hey y'all!! Happy Wednesday!! I hope y'all have been enjoying your week!! Today I am sharing my quarantine nighttime routine!! So yeah!! That's basically it!! I hope you enjoy!!
So this was me being super excited about the screen door my parents installed upstairs!! This is super nice for us, because it gets really hot upstairs in our house, so now we can leave the balcony door open, and let in the fresh air minus bugs!!
I enjoyed the nice weather we've been having by reading on the porch!!
Then we ate dinner outside on our back porch!! This was our lucky night of the week because we ordered take-out!! Hudson skipped out, and had Ramen Noodles instead. We love to eat on our porch!!
Then we went on a family walk!! Sometimes it's a walk, sometimes it's a fire, and sometimes it's a watching a movie!! Tonight it was a walk!!
It was so nice getting to see the sun set!!
Then I went back home, and read on the porch some more...Can you spot a common theme? We've been reading all the books!!
Then I make my daily to-do list for the next day...
And did a little bit of work on my blog before...
Putting on my pjs!!
I then brushed my teeth and washed my face. All the usual bedtime stuff!!
Then I got into bed and did some reading...
Which then lead to some Saved By The Bell watching!!

Well that's basically our nighttime routine, I hope you enjoyed!!

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