Friday Favorites: Birthdays and We're Gone!!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Hey y'all!! Happy Fri-Yay!! Man!! This week has FLOWN by!! Today I am sharing my favorites from the week, including some birthday celebrations!! As always I am linking up with Erika and Andrea!!

 Yesterday was my dad's birthday, and while we didn't celebrate much on his actually birthday (work, school, and packing caused this), we will be celebrating at the lake this weekend!!

I am so thankful for my dad and his 41 years of life (He doesn't look it-I know!!)!! He is so supportive, and has shaped me into the person I am today. 

I am more clean and organized because of him.

 I probably would never have been a runner or on the track team if it weren't for him, and his training. Not to mention I probably would have had a lot less enjoyable runs if it weren't for him to listen to my rambling (haha!!). 

It probably would take me a really long time to get ready in the mornings (longer than it does now ;)) if it weren't for him.

 I probably wouldn't like Fortnite (or be as be competitive about it) if it weren't for him. 

I love our golf cart rides together, talks about music, watching movies, and runs together. 

Overall, I am so thankful for my dad and his life. I cannot wait to celebrate him this weekend at the lake!! 

I'm really sorry to do this again, but I will not be posting on Monday , because we will be at the lake. Butttttttt, I will be posting Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday this week!! 
Be on the look out on Tuesday for my Memorial Day Weekend Recap!! Sorry for the short post!! I hope you all have the best weekend!! 

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