Life Lately!!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Hey guys!! Happy Fri-YAY!! Today I am sharing a little bit of our life lately with y'all!! I also wanted  to say that I will not be posting on Monday, because I m going to the lake with my grandparents!! But don't worry!! I will be back here on Wednesday!! 

Okay...Now on to our life lately!!

Me, Anna, and Vivian have been going to our neighborhood beach almost everyday this week!! We have had so much fun listening to music, taking pictures, eating our lunch, and relaxing on the beach!! It's a nice break from "reality!"

Ahh Chick-Fi-La!! We got us some Chick-Fi-La on Monday and we loved it!! We ate it in our neighborhood green space, and soaked up the amazing weather!!

I have been working on my photo editing skills, and I tried out some new things!! What do y'all think?! I think these are really fun!! 
Ollie has been my SNUGGLE BUDDY these past few weeks!! As soon as I wake up he jumps onto my bed, and lays with me for a long time!! It's so cute!!
Talking with Reese has been a daily thing around here and I love it!!! I miss her so much, so I cherish every little moment we get to spend together (even if it is virtual)!! 
Lots and lots of reading has been happening!!
 A few afternoon dance breaks have been going down!!
I've been reminiscing about some of my favorite memories from school this year!! Ahh I miss Girls Weight Lifting!! 

Speaking of school...I am done!! Yay!! I finished all my school work and testing on Wednesday and I am ecstatic!! School doesn't end until the 29th so I finished a bit early, but I am just so happy to have that weight off my shoulders!!
I saw this the other day, and I laughed out loud!! So true!!
Anna and Huddy have started the "Battle of the Forts" with some of our neighbors!! It's so fun watching them be so creative!!

Well that's my life lately!! I hope y'all enjoyed, and you have a great weekend!!


  1. It sounds like you've had a great week! I have been doing a lot of reading lately as well. Have you read any great books lately? Congratulations on finishing the school year! And have fun on your lake trip with your grandparents! That sounds fun!

    1. Thank you!! I just finished up reading The Selection series, and I really enjoyed it!!