Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Hey guys!! Happy Tuesday!! My first Tuesday blog post!! Today I am sharing with y'all a recap of our Memorial Day Weekend!! It is a tradition of ours to go to the lake every year for Memorial Day, so this year was no exception!! 
On Thursday we didn't really do too much. It was my dad's birthday, so as soon as he got off of work we packed up and headed out to the lake!!
For some reason this is the only other picture I have from Thursday! We watched an episode of The Last Dance before bed, and that was it!!

Friday we didn't really do too much. We *tried* to go swimming, but the water was literally FREEZING!! Sooo we went kayaking instead

It was super gloomy and rainy on Friday, so we did quite a few crafts including making signs for our bunk beds!!

Then we had a happy hour on the porch before watching the last episode of The Last Dance and dinner!!

After dinner we started watching Forrest Gump...
This picture of Ollie is hilarious!!
And here's the big ol' baby Henry!!

Now on to Saturday...
Saturday started out at around 11:00 with some skiing!! That was about all we did that morning...Anna had practice so we waited until that was done to do all the Memorial Day festivities!!
Guys I don't know what happened to Huddy in this picture to make him smile that way!! Haha!! Me and Momma went on a kayaking adventure, and picked Huddy up along the way!!
One year later...
I love laying on this Pink Flamingo float!! Fun fact: Pink Flamingos are my favorite animal!!

Then we went on a boat ride!!
It was super crowded!!
I don't know how I did this with my eyes!! Haha!!
One last dip in the lake before...
Getting ready for happy hour!!
On Saturday we also celebrated my dad's birthday!! These pictures are super funny, because the candle kept going off so we are all laughing super hard!!

Then we finally got it!! 

After dinner we finished watching Forrest Gump, and then we went to bed!!

On Sunday we got out early on the boat so we could go to a beach!! 
We actually found a non-occupied beach, and it was super fun!!

I enjoyed laying out in the chair...
Anna floated around...
and Huddy did lots of swimming!! Something for everyone!!
Then we headed on home!!

It started raining once we came back, so after the rain we went back out again to do some tubing!! 

That's all for Sunday!!

Now on to Monday!!
On Monday morning we did a lot of things!! 
Some kayaking...
Some jumping (Shouldn't I be a cheerleading?! Haha!! Just kidding!)
And some more jumping!!
Then we went out one the boat to do some tubing...
And skiing!!

Then we rode around some!!
This picture is so funny to me for some reason!!

Then we went on the boat *again*!!
It was happy hour!!

Such a nice evening cruise!!
Well that was my Memorial Day Weekend!! Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you back here again tomorrow!!


  1. Hi Ella! I tried sending email but couldn't get it to work. Where do you buy your clothes?

    1. So sorry about that email!! Feel free to use the contact form if you need to!! I buy most of my clothes from Old Navy...I will have a post all about that this upcoming Wednesday!!