All About Running!!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Hey guys!! I hope y'all all had a good weekend!! Today I am talking about running!! If you didn't know I was on my school's track and field team, and I am on my school's cross country team for the 2020 season!! I first started running when I was in the second grade, but I have been running consistently for over a year now.  So today I am sharing a few of my running tips!! I am not an expert by any means, but I thought I would share what I have learned in my time of running!!

1. Use a running plan.
So if you are just starting out with running, I recommend using a training plan. For example, the app C25K is a great app for if you are just starting off with running!! They also have C210K, and you can find many plans online. Even if you aren't new to running, following along to a training plan is very helpful!!

2. Create a goal.
This kinda goes along with my first point, but create a goal for yourself. This can be anything!! A time you want to make, a certain distance you want to run, running a certain amount of times siting the week...whatever it may be, creating a goal for yourself is a great way to motivate yourself!!

3. Get good shoes/socks.
So this one is completely optional, but if you really want to get into running, I recommend investing in some good shoes/socks. I use Brooks Adrenalines gts 19 (Black/Ebony/Pink), and Feeture socks. Good running shoes are a complete game changer when it comes to running!!

4. Get a running partner.
So this one is also optional, but it is a great way to make a run go by quicker!! Get a running partner!! This could be a friend, family member, whoever!! This makes a run go by quicker, and peer pressure makes you push yourself!!

5. Figure out when you should run.
This one is basically about fitting running into your schedule. Figure out when you should run!! For me personally, I run in the mornings because 1) It is too dang hot to run any other time in Alabama!! And 2) It starts off my running right!!

6. Listen to music/podcasts.
Listening to music/podcasts also makes a run so much more enjoyable!! 

7. Figure out if you are a distance runner, sprinter, thrower, or jumper.
So this one is specifically for track and field athletes...figure out if you are a distance runner, sprinter, jumper, or thrower!! Trust me!! You do not want to run a sprinter event if you are distance or vice versa!! For me personally I am a distance runner!!

I also want to answer a few frequently asked questions:

1. What do I wear?
Anything!! You don't need anything fancy!! Just get yourself some good running shoes, and you're good to go!!

2. Can I walk?
Push yourself!! If you really need to walk (pain/heat) then absolutely walk, but pushing yourself is the only way to progress. Also-If your running plan says to walk, or if you are doing a run/walk strategy then walk!!

3. What if I get a side stich? 
These are the worst!! Take deep breathes, and slow down. And if that doesn't help, walk for a few minutes, and stretch your arms above your head.

4. How fast should I be running?
Whatever your comfortable with!! Don't overdo it, but push yourself a bit!!

5. Should I eat before I run?
I recommend not, because you will probably have stomach issues, and develop a side stich...but drink lots of water!!

6. Should I add distance/speed?
Once you are comfortable running a certain distance then yes!! I recommend adding speed!! Work your way up to adding more distance, as well as speed!!

7. Does it get easier?
Yes!! As you adjust to running, it gets easier!! But still push yourself!!

8. Should I run everyday?
I recommend starting off 3 days a week, and you can add more as you please. However...give yourself a day or two off, so you can give your body a chance to recover.

9. What if I have to go to the bathroom?
I recommend using the bathroom right before you run, and if you do need to go then use a porta potty, or go at your house.

10. Where do I run?
The great thing about running is how convenient it is!! You can do it anywhere!! Your neighborhood, a track, even a treadmill!! 

11. Should I stretch before I run?
Yes!! I walk around for a few minutes, and stretch my legs out a bit. I don't always stretch, but I'm trying to implement that more into my runs.

Well there you have it!! Those are some of my running tips!! I also want to list a few of my running information for you to kind of use as a guide for yourself!!

How often do you run?
4 times a week. I have cross country practice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I like to do hill sprints one day of the week. I have also been implementing a "recovery walk" into my schedule.

When do you run?
Early!! Cross country practice is from 7-7:45, but personally I like to go at 6:30.

What do you listen to when you run?
Lately I've been listening to the Serial podcast, and the Unsolved Murders podcasts. When I do my walk  I listen to Pretty Basic. Sometimes I listen to music, but lately I've been into podcasts!!

What do you use to track your run?
I have a Garmin watch that I use, but I also use the free app Strava.

What is your current goal?
We've been running two miles during cross country practice, so I really want to get my time down to under 17 minutes. 

What type of runner are you?
A distance runner!!

Well that is all for today's post, and if you have any other questions feel free to ask!! See ya Wednesday!!


  1. I am not a runner, but I still loved reading all about this!! I LOVED this post! Missing your bestie!