Weekly Wrap-Up!!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hey y'all!! Happy Sunday!! I hope y'all are having a good weekend!! Today I am wrapping up my week, so I hope you enjoy!!

Sunday was Father's Day, so we had a pretty chill morning!! I made waffles, and went on a walk, and then we went to the pool!!

After the pool we went over to my grandparent's house for Father's Day dinner!!

Monday started bright and early with Cross Country practice!!
After practice, I took Henry on a long walk!!

Apparently I didn't do anything else during the day on Monday, because I have no pictures!! It was kind of rainy, so I did a lot of reading.
Then Hudson had a baseball game, and what did I do? Swing and FaceTime Reese!!
They lost their game, but they put up a fight!!

We didn't really do anything Tuesday morning. It was pretty chill, lots of reading. Then Me, and Anna had lunch with Vivi!!
Then I gave myself a little pedicure, because it was desperately needed!! It used this Essie polish in the color Watermelon!!
I'm not really sure what's going on in this picture, but it has too funny not to share!! Haha!!
Then me, Vivi, Anna, and Kate walked to the pier, and hung out for a bit!!
Then Huddy had another game, and they came out with a W!! The first win of the season!!

Wednesday I had cross country practice again!!
And we had another lunch with Vivi, and Anna!!
Basically I read all day on Wednesday!! Haha!! That's how it be sometimes!!
Then I ended the night with another call from Reese!!

Thursday we basically did nothing!! I read ALL day!! I finished two books!! Hudson was supposed to have a game, but it got rained out. 
This is the only picture I have from Thursday, but it cracks me up!!

I went on a run, Friday morning, and then read all day!! (can you sense a pattern? Haha!!) 
Ollie was my reading buddy!!

Huddy had a two-day tournament this weekend, and it started on Friday. I decided to stay home, so I could take care of the dogs, and go to bed early!!

Saturday we were up bright and early to go to Anna's tournament!!
Yep. This pretty much says it all.
Anna's team won their first two pools games, and they were supposed play a third pool game, but they canceled that due to rain. So that meant Anna had a 4 hour game break!!
During that 4 hour game break we went to 5 below...
And FaceTimed with Reese.
Then Anna had another game, and they won, so they were in the championship, but sadly they lost.
Then we had to drive two hours back home...we didn't get home until 1:00am!!

Well that was my week!! Thank you for reading, and I will see you tomorrow!!

XO, Ella

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