Beach Recap Pt. 1 - Summer 2020

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Sike!! I'm back!! Haha!! 

This week I decided that because I didn't post at all last week, that I will post every day this week!!

So we are kicking off the day with some beach recaping!! 

So give me a minute to explain...

Anna had a softball tournament in Orange Beach, Alabama this year. We decided to enjoy the time we had at the beach, and stay a few extra days, because what else is there to do? Haha!! #quarantine 

Don't worry though...We wore masks in public, and we made sure to social distance from people there.

I also wanted to point out that we stayed at the Caribe Resort, and it was super nice!! If you are planning a trip to Orange Beach, then definitely check this place out!!

Anna had an early softball game on Wednesday, so we were handed over to the grandparents!!
We went down to the lazy river a bit, but then it started raining so we...
Decided to explore the hotel!!

Then we decided to run laps after eating...yeah...not the smartest idea.
So let me explain again...

Anna was supposed to have another softball game, but it rained, so it got postponed. Anyways...Anna's game had a rain delay, and then they were waiting on another game, but it got rained out...basically my parents ware stuck at the ballfield all day, and we were stuck in the hotel. Not the best start to the beach vacay, but it was still fun!!

The next Anna had another early game so we headed to the beach!!! Could you tell Huddy was happy? Haha!!
The beach was so beautiful!!

We had lots of fun playing in the sand!!
Huddy and his "village"
Me and Huddy went for a little beach walk...It was so nice!!
Then we decided to catch some rays!!

Then we headed back.
Last day of being an 7 year old!!
Can't believe he's 8 now!!
Then we headed to Anna's game!!

Anna's team lost, but Anna won the home run derby!! She got 7/7, and beat out over 100 girls!! So proud of her!!

Well thats it for today!! I will see y'all back here tomorrow for pt. 2!!


  1. I hate rainy vacation days! What a beautiful beach though. I've been trying to plan a little 2-3 day mini vacation for us but am surprised to find that most things near enough that we could drive to are already booked.

  2. Love you Ella great job 😘😘