Friday Favorites!! 7-31-20

Friday, July 31, 2020

How is August tomorrow?! Like what?! This has felt like the longest, but shortest summer ever!!

This is how I'm feeling right now...

Butttt it is Friday so...

Okay, okay, okay...I'm done 😂

Today I am linking up once again with Erika, and Andrea to bring you this week's dose of Friday Favorites!!

This year I was able to go to the Girl Talk paint fight, and it was so much fun!! Me and Kate had never been before (thanks to softball), so we were super excited to go this year!!

So basically how this paint fight worked was we each got a cup of paint, and threw it on each other, which was not what we were expecting at all!! 😂 We thought it would be like waterballons of paint but nonetheless, we still had fun throwing the paint on each other!! They had to do it differently this year (obviously due to covid-19), so we all wore masks and were very careful around each other!! Like I said last week...we are living in the craziest time!!

Not really sure what's going on here...hahaha!! But I thought it was too sweet not to share!!
Another completely random picture 😂 If this doesn't depict Hudson and Anna's relationship, then I don't know what does!!

Huddy has also been super obsessed with these costumes and masks!! Every day he has a different costume on!! It just makes me laugh!! 😂

Once again, my running views are definitely favorites!! 

Like I said on Wednesday, we spent the day cooking with Nana, and we had the best time!! We made a veggie penne bake, and cookie dough bars, and they were each delicious!!
As you can tell, we like to get a little silly in the kitchen with the flour!! 😂 Throwback to September...
Ahh, the days with no braces.
While we cooked, Huddy worked on a little project he's been doing!!

So I'm not really sure the dentist is a favorite, but I had this picture so I thought I would share!!

Anna's friends also came over this week, and she had the best time with them!! We played hide and go seek and I'm like 99.9% sure I won 😉
Blue and red tongues for the win!!
Who doesn't love hoping in the pool on a 100 degree day?! It's sooo hot here!! 

Well that's it for today!! Make sure you take my survey, and I will see you back here on Monday for day 1 of BOOK WEEK!!!! 

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  1. My boys love going to the dentist (which I always thought was weird as I really do not doing at all). That paint fight sounds fun!