February/March Book Review-Book Week Day 3

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Hey y'all!! Happy Wednesday, and happy Book Week Day 3!! Today we're talking about the books that I read in March and February!!

You know what I'm just now realizing...all these books are dystopian 😂 What can I say?! I love my dystopian books!!

1. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
If you read my post yesterday, then you would know that I read the first Hunger Games book in January, and absolutely loved it!! The story is so interesting. The characters are so good-I love it all. So I decided to read the second book, and loved it too!!

Catching Fire is the aftermath of the original Hunger Games. The government isn't happy with Katniss, so when they have their 75th Hunger Games (quarter quell), they mix things up.

This book is sooo good!!! There are so many characters, and new characters, that I fell in love with!! Finnick, Johanna, etc. The creativity, and the ability to come up with the things in this book is beyond me. Suzanne Collins did such an amazing job with this book, and this series in general!! I've found that a lot of the times in dystopian trilogies, the first book is great, but then the others one aren't as good...that is not the case with this one!! I loved Catching Fire!!

2. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
Okayyy Mockingjayyy!! 

In this book, Katniss and everyone else is trying to overthrow the government, and take down Snow. 

This book!! Ahh!! 

This book is intense. I mean the other books were too, but this one was intense. 

I really don't have words for this book. The end of this book just broke my heart. There are two big deaths in this book, and it left me sobbing. 

I loved this book, but it was just hard. I mean I loved it, but its just hard. 

I loved this series, and it is one of the best series I have ever read. It is so well written, the characters are amazing, and you just fall in love with the relationships in this book.

3. The Maze Runner by James Dashner
I did not like this book. Honestly. I thought the characters were very bland. I did like the idea of the story, I just didn't like the way it was portrayed. 

The Maze Runner is about these kids that are trapped in this place with no memories at all, except for their name. Basically they are trying to escape this place all throughout the book. 

Honestly, I don't really know why I didn't like this book. It seems like it would be something that I would like...I just didn't. I mean I was really drawn to it, and that's why I read it, but I was super disappointed in it. It took a while for the story to get interesting, and even when the story did start to get interesting, I did not like it. 

Overall, I did not enjoy this book, and I don't plan on reading the rest of the series.

1. Divergent
2. Insurgent
3. Allegiant 
by Veronica Rothe
Okay...I have very mixed feelings about this series. 

This is another dystopian series (shocker 😱😂), and its were everyone is sorted into a different faction. Except sometimes people don't fit into any faction, and they are labeled as "divergent."

I had mixed feelings about this series. I loved the first book, the second book was "meh," and I did not like the last book. 

I thought the first book was interesting, but the others ones, not so much. Especially Allegaint. Allegiant was a HUGE disappointment to me. I was so surprised by the ending, and honestly, I didn't like it!!

Another thing I didn't love was the characters. I though that Tris was very bland, but I did like Four. 

Overall I didn't really like this series. I liked and enjoyed the first books, but the other ones I did not.

Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you back here tomorrow for some unpopular opinions!!


  1. I LOVED Catching Fire and Mockingjay! I read Divergent sometime in 2019, but honestly I don't remember much of the series although I know I did NOT like the ending! I loved The Maze Runner! You should continue with the series, it is sooooo good!!!! Thank you for the awesome post! I am LOVING book week!!

    Abby Kate

  2. I read the first Divergent book after watching the movie and really enjoyed both but I didn't like the other two books nearly as much. There is a 4th book written from Four's point of view that I also don't remember loving but felt like I kind of had to read after reading the other three.