Sunday In The Life!!

Monday, August 24, 2020

 Hey y'all!! Happy Monday!! I am glad to say that the first day went great!! We were all a little worried at first, but it went pretty well!!

For today's post I am doing a Sunday in the life!! Hope you enjoy!!

I started off the day with a little bit of work in the morning!! Always making those to-do lists!! They help sooo much!!

Then I went on to watch church!!

We always have waffles on the weekends!! One of my favorites!!

Huddy and Ollie...So cute!!
Back to more work...and Gilmore Girls!!
Then we ate some lunch. Haha!! Huddy!!
Then me and my dad finished up the movie we were watching. Ollie was cuddled up on my side!!
More work!!
Then I went to hang out with Huddy for a little bit!! For a little context: Anna had a long softball practice, so that is why she isn't in any of the pictures.
Popsicle's for the win!!
More work...and Gilmore Girls!!
Then I kinda forgot to take pictures, but we didn't really do anything!! Dinner, then bed!!

I hope you enjoyed, and that you have a great day!!

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