The First Day Of School 2020

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Ahhh!! It's the first day of school!! For today's post, I am going to be going through all of our first years!! I hope you enjoy, and you have a great day!!!


Oh my!!! Hahaha!! That hair!! 

I was 4, and Anna was 2...Look how cute she was!!

2012-Kindergarten, PreK3

Hahaha!! That face!! I didn't look too happy!!
And of course Anna had to be included in the first day festivities!! Kindergarten as a 3 year old? Impressive!! Haha!!
That's more like it!! Those shoes!! That bow!! Ahh! So cute!!
Huddy was born in July, so he was only a few weeks old when we went to school!!

2013-1st Grade, PreK4, Mother's Morning Out

Ok why does it look like I grew about 5 feet since kindergarten?! Hahah!! #GlowUP
Aww Huddy!! The cutest thing ever!!
And Anna!! Aww!!
Family pic!!

2014-2nd Grde, Kindergarten, 2y/o Mother's Morning Out

Anna's in kindergarten!! Everyone watch out!! Haha!!
How sweet!!
Can we go back?

Always had that tractor!!

2015-3rd Grade, 1st Grade, PreK3

Oh my goodness!! I think this is the cutest thing ever!!

My mom always made me cross my legs in pictures, haha!!
Family pic!!

2016-4th Grade, 2nd grade, PreK4

4th grade!!
Just look at that face!!
Oh Anna!!
I think this picture pretty much sums it up...Haha!!

2017-5th Grade, 3rd Grade, Kindergarten
Aww, Anna!! So adorable!!

Kindergarten!! Ahh!! Where has time gone!!
Bahahah!! Huddy!!

2018-6th Grade, 4th Grade, Kindergarten 
Huddy actually did kindergarten twice, and his second year he was finally able to go to the same school as us!!
4th grade, Anna started to get super tall!!

Huddy looks so grown!!

2019-7th Grade, 5th Grade, 1st Grade
First grade alert!!
I can't believe this was only last year!!
See!? She grew like a weed!!

Well now we are off to start 8th, 6th (I can't believe it!! I remember starting 6th grade like it was yesterday!!), and second grade!!....From the comfort of our own homes!! Haha!! I am praying for a great school year, and that we will be able to go back after the first nine weeks!!

I hope you enjoyed, and that you have a great day!!