Unpopular Opinions-Book Week Day 4

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Hey friends!! Happy Thursday!! Its day four of book week!! If you missed any if the other book week posts then you definitely should check the out!!

Today we're talking some unpopular book opinions!! I am a very opinionated person, so I love developing my own opinions about the books I read!! Before we start I just want to make a quick disclaimer, and say that you may have a different opinion than me, and that is completely fine!! We can each have our own opinions and that is part of what makes us individuals!! Also-there will be spoilers in this post, so fair warning!! So without any further ado, lets get into it!!


1. Seth should've imprinted on Renesmee, not Jacob.
I love Jacob, and Seth, but I thought it was really strange when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. I thought that Seth would've made a better choice...although, I do really like that Jacob ended up with someone, and that he was happy...I just though that Renesmee was a really strange choice (but you can't control who you imprint with) I feel like Jacob should've imprinted on a new character. I mean when Renesmee and Jacob  get married one day, it'll be very weird for Jacob to have to live with knowing that once was in love with his mother-in-law. 

2. The love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob was pointless.
YES!! I talk about this all the time!! Jacob never stood a chance, and Bella clearly states that!! I mean...
So Jacob...why even bother bro?! 

3. The books are better than the movies. 
I have this opinion for quite a few books on here, but I really stand by it on Twilight. I just thought that everyone seemed so awkward and weird, and it wasn't really like that in the books!! But one of the biggest reasons why I disliked the movies, was because I though Robert Pattinson played Edward weird.   I thought thought he was really strange and not at all how I pictured him in the books. 

Hunger Games:

4. Effie and Haymitch should've ended up together.
I ship it...100%%%%

5. The prequel series should've been about Haymitch not Snow.
I feel like I would've been more interested in reading about Haymitch and his experience with the Hunger Games, then about Snow and his cruel, twisted mind. However, I do understand why it would be written about Snow, I just feel like I would've liked it better if it were about Haymitch.

6. Finnick should've life.
I don't even need to say anything. R.I.P Finnick. 

7. Mockingjay was rushed at the end.
I felt like it was rushed. Too much was happening in not enough time.

Harry Potter:

8. Quidditch doesn's make sense.
Okay hear me out, I'm not saying that I don't like quidditch...it's awesome, I'm just merely saying that it doesn't make sense. I mean you rely on the seeker pretty much the whole time. 

9. Ron and Hermione were not fit for each other. 
They argued pretty much the whole time, and they just didn't really go well together!! I like the "dating," but I feel like marriage wouldn't work out for them.

10. McGonagall and Dumbledore should've been a couple.
YES!! PLEASE!! I ship it so hard!!

11. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was horrible.
Do I need to say more?! It was NOTTT GOOODDD!!

Random Unpopular Opinions:

12. Tris is boring.

13. Shatter Me is underrated and more people need to read it.

14. Kenji was the highlight of the Shatter Me series.

15. Red Queen is overrated.

Well those are my unpopular opinions!! Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you back here again tomorrow!!


  1. I actually agree with all your unpopular opinions about Twilight and mostly about the Hunger Games too; I enjoyed reading about Snow but would have LOVED to read more about Haymitch. I never even bothered reading the Cursed child! I thought Quidditch had an odd scoring system that didn't really make sense either and while I know they say opposites attract I'm not sure I could see Ron and Hermionie making it long term either (though until you said that I never even gave it a second thought!).

    1. I thought that Haymitch was a super interesting character, and I feel like his background story and his experience with the Hunger Games would have been super interesting to read about!! Don't bother with The Cursed Child...It is not worth your time!! I just feel like Ron and Hermione would have a lot of problems as a married couple, because they are both so headstrong, and their personalities really clash...Thanks so much for reading!!