Virtual School Set-Up 2020.

Friday, August 28, 2020

 Hey, guys!! Happy Fri-YAY!! Today I am talking about our virtual school setup!! I have a few virtual school related posts coming soon, but it's only the second week of school, and we are still trying to get things situated!! But for now, this is our setup!! I hope you enjoy, and if you are considering putting your kid (or yourself), in virtual classes this year, I hope this helps with your decision!!


So I know I've mentioned this before, but if you missed it, Hudson is in the 2nd grade this year, Anna is in 6th, and I am in 8th. 

For Hudson we had kind of a hard time deciding whether to put him in school or keep him home. Most of his friends were going back, and we were a little worried about him missing out. Ultimately we settled on Blended, which is where he goes back to school for a few hours, twice a week, to meet with his teacher. Hudson has one of his best friends living next door, and of course, we were worried about the spreading of Covid. 

So far, Hudson has really enjoyed it!! His teacher is awesome, and has provided him with so many resources!! He has about 2 zooms a day, and plenty of work to keep him preoccupied!! We have an "art table," where he does his work, and so far it has worked great for him!! For still being as young as he is, my mom has to make sure he is following his schedule and doing his work, so she normally sits with him while he does his work, or sometimes he goes over to our grandparent's so she can get some work done herself. 
So far, great!!

I've loved being virtual!! I am definitely an introvert, I have loved just being able to work from home!! I sit at my desk for the majority of the day, but I also like to join Hudson at the art table sometimes for a new location. I also love the flexibility, but also the structure (if that makes any sense 😂). I love having structured zooms, but I also love that I don't have zooms/class all throughout the day!! For example, I will have 2 zooms in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursday, but none after that until lunchtime!! 
One of the BIGGEST, BIGGEST things that have helped me with virtual is to-do lists. I know I have mentioned these back in April/March when virtual school first became a thing, but making a to-do list each day have helped me SO much!! I write down zoom times, assignments I need to do, and tests I need to study for!! It helps me get my priorities in order, and not get overwhelmed!! I will also use the reminder app on my phone which also works great!!
Another super helpful thing is my planner!! I have the Emily Ley Student Planner, but I also have a Lilly Pulitzer one for personal inquiries!! I write down my zoom times, tests I need to take, and when assignments are due at the beginning at the week, and that way I have a plan for the whole week!! So, so helpful!!

One thing that has definitely been tough is not having a teacher there 24/7. I can't always ask for help and that has been a little tough. (Cough, cough, math) But I also think that I will be a great learning experience in the long run for when I'm on my own one day.

Onto the socializing subject...It is totally possible to be able to socialize and see your friends while doing virtual school!! Like I said on Wednesday, our schedules are very flexible, so you can do many things that you wouldn't normally be able to do with your friends, during the school day!! Kate, Riley, and I have worked out a school schedule were we do school with each other on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and I has worked out great for us!!

Anna has also really enjoyed being virtual!! Almost all her friends are, so she is always on zoom with them, when she isn't on an actual school zoom!! This has also been great for her with her softball schedule, and working with my mom!! 
Anna has also been using her Emily Ley Student Planner, which has also been very helpful for her, and keeping track of her zooms and assignments!! 

Anna also has been very social with virtual school. She is always on zoom with her friends, and starting soon, they will start meeting up to do school together!! 
This is Anna's cart where she keeps most of her school supplies!! This is really helpful, because it keeps everything in one spot, and it is easily accessible!!

Well that is our virtual setup!! If y'all want some tips, you can check out this blog post HERE, but that is all for today!! Thank you so much for reading, and I will be back here on Monday for a Monthly Make-Up!!

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  1. I love that you only have a few structured zoom meetings each day. When my son starts virtual school they are expected to log onto each class each day and I am not thrilled at the thought of him looking at a computer so much for a full day of schooling. I also don't know where to put him that he won't be bothered by his older and younger brother who will be schooling with me at home like usual. We tend to spread out with our homeschooling and use everything from the kitchen table, to the living room cough, to their own bedrooms. I think it will be a real adjustment for us all not to just have one person (me!) in charge.