Farewell Oak Cottage.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

This past weekend we closed on Oak Cottage. 

We've had OC since 2016 when my mom convinced my grandparents to buy a lake place because she knew they would love it - they did. ;) OC was definitely a fixer upper, and we put in all the work. We spent so much time planking, painting, building, cutting, etc. and once it was all over, the work payed off. 

From Huddy's 4th birthday to his 8th. 4 years. 5 summers. 

We have so many memories at OC, so many fun time to look back on. We're really sad to leave it, but we are so excited to see what the future will hold!

Some many memories. So many fun times. And so many more to come.

I'm sorry this was short, but thank you so much for reading!! I will see you back here on Friday with a BIG surprise!!

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