Friday Favorites - 8/3/19

Friday, September 4, 2020

Hey y'all!! Happy Fri-YAY!! Who's ready for the!! We are headed up to the lake today to have some labor day fun, but before I go, I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for some Friday Favorites!! Hope you enjoy!!


First off is Huddy's tournament on Saturday!! They made it all the way to the championship, but sadly, they lost. :( However, I had so much fun watching my Huddy Buddy in action!!

Friends are always a favorite!!

My absolute favorite from the week - Procreate. BEST. APP. EVER. 

Oh the many phases of Hudson....

Go Tua!!

Chappy's this week with friends was a favorite!!

School shenanigans (can't forget Ollie!!)

Well that is all for today!! Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you here on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week!!