Random Thoughts.

Monday, September 28, 2020

 Hey guys!! Happy Monday!! We just had a super busy weekend, so for today's post, I am just sharing some random thoughts!! 

It's also Mary Hayden's b-day!! Woohoo!! Let's celebrate the big 1-4!! *I literally cannot believe it!!*

1. Thank you guys so much for all the support on my graphics!! 

2. I'm so sick of super busy weekends

3. I hope this isn't a busy week. 

4. I do not like Jess. *sigh* Come on Gilmore Girls!! You're really letting me down!! I did not like Dean, but now I like him, because I can't stand Jess!! And also - why in the world aren't Lorelai and Luke together yet!! Ahh!! It's driving me crazy!!

5. Is TikTok actually banned?

6. I'm in love with IOS 14.

7. I need some good book recs!!

8. World History is hard. 

9. I want some chips and salsa right now.

10. I want cooler weather.

Well that's all for today!! Once again, we had a busy weekend, so I'm sorry this post is short!! Have a great Monday!!

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