Virtual Day In The Life!!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Hey guys!! Happy Monday!! Well, we just had a super hectic weekend, and I am ready to get into a productive week!! For today's post, I am sharing a day in the a virtual student!! 

Up, and at them early!! I am a early riser, and I really enjoy waking up early on school days, because I like to get my work done early!! That way, in the afternoons, I can work on my blog, and have some free time!! Normally I wake up sometime between 6-7! This day was a Tuesday, so I had 3 zooms - science, math, and english!!
Once I wake up I do my daily devotional! 
And of course, make my to-do list!!
I also look over my planner to see what I have to do that day!!
After all of that, I shower, and then head downstairs for some breakfast!!
After breakfast I start on my school!!
School shenanigans - I promise we get work done!!
Then we did more school and ate lunch, but I forgot to take a picture #facepalm
After that I took a test and passed!! The best feeling ever!!
Then I headed out on my bike for a babysitting job!! Sooo hot!!
Once babysitting was over I finished up my school, and hung out with Ollie!! Huddy has practice on Tuesdays, and Anna has a softball fitness class, so I get the house to myself!!
Shenanigans before dinner!!
I have no. clue.
Then we ate dinner, and got ready for bed!! Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you again on Wednesday!!


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