Friday Favorites: 10/23

Friday, October 23, 2020


Guys. We've got another busy, busy weekend coming up. Sigh. Anna has a two-day tournament in Atlanta and Huddy has a tournament here on Sunday. So we're heading out today, but first, it's time for some Friday Favorites!! As always - I'm linking up with Erika and Andrea!!

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Weekly Wrap Up: 10/11-10/17

Morning Routine

I also realized that I've never shared any of my other outlets with you guys, so if you want to check out my Pinterest, you can find that here, and if you want to check out my Goodreads you can find that here!!

Unfortunately, Anna lost their tournament this past weekend, but they had a lot of fun!! The weather was pleasant (so says my mom), and they were out doing what they love to do!!
Hanging out with the girls is always a favorite!! This was actually from September, but I thought I would share anyway!! We like to go on golf cart rides as a break from school, and it's always a blast!! This one day, we stopped to take pictures, but I was in my Cozy😂 I actually get a lot of questions on my Cozy. I got mine from Costco (15 bucks - what a deal!!), but I think you can find some on Amazon too!! You can find a similar option HERE!!

Virtual girl's lunch is always, always, always a favorite!! But sadly, we had to say goodbye to Mary Hayden as she decided to go back to traditional school for the second 9 weeks, so now our group is down to 4!!

Sunset golf cart rides are definitely a favorite!! As well as sunsets in general!!:

My absolute favorite time of the day :)
Huddy's team got pink jerseys to wear to support breast cancer awareness at their last tournament!! Look how cute!!

Yup. There's the Huddy we know and love.

Huddy has been kinda obsessed with Brave's baseball this year, so he's decided to dress up as Freddy Freeman for Halloween!! He was sporting his jersey and hat at Anna's tournament looking adorable as always!!
Virtual school is definitely still a favorite!! Especially with our evenings being so full it's so nice being home during the day!!
Hudson's timeline!! Baby-toddler-baseball-school-skiing!!
Normally, our neighborhood has a "fall festival," but this year (due to covid), they had a covid-friendly pumpkin patch!! Huddy picked him out a nice big pumpkin, and loved getting to!!
Last week we celebrated my mom's birthday, and of course, we had a blast!! 
Pasta, cake, and grandparents - what's not to love!! 

Now to end off this post with some pretty flowers!! Fun fact - I was sitting on the back of this golf cart terrified, because it was bumpy, and if you've ever sat on the back of a golf cart - you know what I mean!!

Now off to the busy weekend!! Thanks for reading and I will see you all on Monday!! Have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh that porch swing looks amazing!!

  2. I am so glad that we get to see each other each week!! Have a great weekend Ella!!