Weekend Recap!! 10/23-10/25

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

 Hey, y'all!! Happy Tuesday!! I don't know about you, but I am counting down the days to Halloween!! So excited!! For today's post, I am sharing a weekend recap!! We are SO CLOSE to being done with busy weekends!! Anna has one more tournament left, and Huddy has two!! Also - We are closing on Marin on THURSDAY!!! Ahh!!!!! 3 months of waiting, and now it's finally here!! Okay, enough of my rambling, time for the recap!!

Whoop, whoop!! Smallcakes for the win!! We picked up these delicious cupcakes on the way to Atlanta and they were definitely a happy for the car ride!!
Once we got to the hotel, we got everything settled and then picked up some...
Moes for dinner!! 
On Saturday, Anna's first game was at 11, so we headed over to the ballfield to cheer her on!! I sat and listened to my podcast while they were playing😂 So supportive, I know!!
After the game, we got our favorite lunch of Chick-fil-a!!
Anna and her teammates took a break while watching some of the other games going on!!
I sat and...listened to my podcast😂
2nd game was a win!! 
For this second game, Huddy joined me with listening to a podcast!! We listened to Full Body Chills, which is a creepy story podcast, and Huddy loved it!!
Unfortunately, after Anna's game, we had to leave, because...
Huddy had his Zombie vs. Superhero tournament the next day!! They went with zombies😉
Scary!!! Huddy's team won all 4 of their games and...
Came home with a W!!!
So much fun watching these boys!!
Love my #5!!!

Well, that wraps up our weekend!! Thanks so much for reading, and I will see you back here for What's Up Wednesday!!


  1. That sounds like such a great weekend!! Can’t wait for your post tomorrow!

  2. Ella, you have such a lovely family! And I am dying over the Zombie vs Superheroes baseball tournament! What a fun event for the kids. And I applaud you for knocking out two things at once...listening to a podcast and supporting the kids! Why the heck not?! Thanks for linking up with me!