Fall Fashion!!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Happy Thursday!!! One more day till the weekend!! Today I'm shoring some fall fashion finds, so I hope you enjoy!!
This popcorn sweater is from last year, but it is still one of my favorites!! I got it from this online boutique, and unfortunately, it is no longer available there, but you can find a similar one here!! And it's on sale!!

As for jeans, these are my absolute favorites!! They are so stretchy and comfortable!!! I have the light wash and...
The medium/dark wash!!
I am currently OBSESSED with this sweater!! It is SO soft!! Also currently on sale!!
This sweater from Amazon is one of my faves!!! It's pretty thick, so perfect for the colder months!! 
Y'all have heard me talk about this sweater so many times, but I'm bringing it back again because it is so cute!! However, size up!!! I got a medium (I'm normally a small), and it fits perfectly!!!
I got this sweater from TJMaxx, so unfortunately I can not link it, but I thought I would share it anyway because it is the perfect Thanksgiving outfit!!
I'm in love with this purple turtleneck!! I got this sweater when I was in Mississippi, but luckily I was able to find the boutique online!! They don't have the purple color that I'm wearing, but they do have other pretty colors!!
This sweater was from last season, so I can't find a link, but I thought I would share this outfit anyway because of these jeans!!! I am obsessed with them!! And currently, they're 50% off!!!
Guys this sweater is from Walmart, and I have 2 colors!!! I love it!!
I love this pink dye sweatshirt!! I would say to go down a size because I got a small, but probably could've gotten an extra small!
I love this chenille sweater!!! It is SOO comfy!!

Well, that it what you can catch me wearing this fall!! Hope you enjoyed, and I will see you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites!!


  1. So many cute fashions; I love that bold striped sweater. I am really into those chunky stripes this year and think I have bought at least a half-dozen of them in different shades.

  2. You look so beautiful in all these fall fashions, Ella! Love them and you!