Halloween 2020

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Sigh. These have been a STRESSFUL past few days. I've just been feeling so much anxiety about everything this week, as I’m sure you can relate. BUT, tomorrow is Friday so I'm looking up.  We're up at the lake today so that instantly puts me in a great mood😉 I'm just praying for some patience and peace today. Lord knows we need it. 

For today's post, I am sharing our Halloween/weekend recap!! This year definitely looked a little different for Halloween, but we still had a socially-distanced good time!!

T H U R S D A Y:

We started off the Halloween weekend with some pumpkin carving!! A classic Halloween tradition!!

F R I D A Y:

Friday we moved into the lake!! Ahh!! We've been anxiously awaiting the finish of Marin, so when we were absolutely ecstatic!! 

S A T U R D A Y:

So for Halloween, I had to come back from the lake to dress up and have a scary movie marathon with my besties!! During the day we just rode around and watched the Auburn game (Clarification: They watched the game, I didn't 😂 I need to get some Alabama fans as friends).

Then we got all ready in our cute alien costumes!! This was such an easy and cute costume!! 

We like to take pictures😂...

Then we went on another golf cart before...
Taking more pictures!!

Then we rode around on the golf cart some more!! We decided that this year we would not participate in trick or treating due to Covid, so we spent a lot of time on the golfcart!!
Then we went to Kate's house for dinner before...
Walking around and taking more pictures!!

For some reason this is the last picture I have😂 Not really sure what's going on!!

Thank you so, so much for reading!! I will be off glued to the news and praying for our country. We're close. So close. I can feel it. 

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