November Graphics!!!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Wooohooo!!!!! It's graphic release time!!! I am so, so, so excited to share these with you!!! I've been working hard on these, so I really hope you like them!! 

1. Thankful Grateful Blessed (orangish-brown)

2. Thankful Grateful Blessed (blue)
3. Thankful Grateful Blessed (brown)
4. Thankful Grateful Blessed (dark blue)
5. You Are Enough (blue)
6. You Are Enough (purple)
7. Choose Joy (brown)
8. Choose Joy (navy)
9. Choose Joy (blue)
11. Thankful (periwinkle)
12. Thankful (brown)
13. Grace Upon Grace (pink watercolor)
14. Grace Upon Grace (blue watercolor)
15. Gobble, Gobble
16. Blessed
17. Be Grateful

Thank you so so much for reading!! I really hope you enjoy this, and I will see you on Monday!!