October Book Review

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Happy Tuesday!! Whew, it's already been a long week!! Buuuutttt, get excited because it's book review day!! I tried to go for more creepy/atmospheric books in October for the spooky season, and kinda succeeded(?) I guess we'll see!! 

1. The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw 

 LOVED this book!! Perfect for kicking off the October month!!

This book is about 3 sisters who were sentenced to death (2 centuries ago) for witchery. Each summer, since their death, for a brief time, they steal and possess 3 bodies of girls from the town. They do this as a form of revenge, by luring boys into the harbor and drowning them. Thus begins Swan Season. This book focuses on the main character Penny Talbot, and the new boy in town, Bo, and their and their experience encountering these 3 witches in disguise.

This book is basically Hocus Pocus meets Salem Witch Trials, and I loved it. It was atmospheric, it was dark, it was eerie, it was written very well. Y'all know, I am very picky with my books, but this one checked ALL the boxes!! It had me hooked the whole way through!! The only thing that docked a star from this book, was that I did not love the relationship between Penny, and Bo. That's just me personally, but then again, the romance is not the main focus in the book. 

Another thing I loved about this book was the PLOT TWIST!! WHAT!?! I was NOT expecting that!! I was literally jaw-DROPPED reading it!! 

So yes, I loved this book, and if you are looking for an atmospheric-witchy book, I recommend this one 100%!! 

2. Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

Sigh. This book...it just wasn't it. 

This book is about Olivia (Ollie) who is having a difficult time with recovering after her mother's death. She has withdrawn from a lot of activities but still seems to find her comfort in books. One day she comes across a very distraught woman, who is about to toss a book into a lake. Ollie takes the book, and the woman gives her some advice to keep to small spaces at night. Ollie obviously reads the book and learns about the history of Beth Webster. Ollie then goes on a field trip to a farm, where she learns that the history of the farm, is very similar to the history of Beth. And there are scarecrows everywhere. Literally everywhere. Then the school bus breaks down, and their teacher disappears in the mist, and the bus driver gives her the advice to...keep to small spaces at night. 

I just got lost with this book. I thought it was weird, and it did not hook me. HOWEVER, it was a very atmospheric book, which I appreciated. Autumn in Vermont - what more could you ask for? 

This book started out strong, but it just lost me. It also really disappointed me, because it has really good reviews, but my mind was just not picking up what was on these pages. 

There is another book in this series, which also has good reviews, so I might check that one out in the future, to see how these books compare.

3. The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco

Another sigh. This book was just disappointing.

This book is about a ghost named Okiku. Three centuries ago she was tossed down a well. Since then, her spirit crawls out of the well to kill child murderers. Is anyone else getting The Ring vibes? Well, you would be correct. This is a Japanese horror story, and it inspired The Ring. To clarify - The book didn't inspire the story, the ghost did (Okiku is one of the most famous legends in Japanese folklore). So yes, this book is based on a myth. The protagonist is a tattooed boy named Tark. He's a weird 15 year old who has had many weird things happen to him. For some reason, Okiku is "attracted" to him. 

This book was just weird. It was hard to follow, I did not like how it was told from Okiku's perspective...the list goes on and on. I mean the plot of the story sounds really great, but it was just not what I hoped for. I felt like it had something missing. It didn't really grab my attention, and it definitely didn't keep me on my toes.

It also wasn't atmospheric. Obviously, this is a horror book, so that is expected, but I still was disappointed. However, I did enjoy that there was no romance. 

There is also a sequel to this book, which seems kinda interesting, so maybe (or maybe not), I will pick it up in the future.

4. People Like Us by Dana Mele

I loved this book!!

This book takes place at a boarding school where we follow the main character, Kay. Kay Donovan is one of the popular girls at school, but everything changes when her, and her friends, come across a student's dead body in a lake near campus. Everyone thinks that it was a case of suicide, but when Kay receives an email with a mysterious website in the context, everyone is a suspect.

This book was soooo good!! It kept me hooked, there were cliffhangers, it was a thriller. I just loved it. The boarding school setting, the "mean girls" (I had never read anything with mean girls before, so that was interesting to read.), the backstory. So, so good.

5. When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stand

Another book I did not like. 

This book is about Miranda. A sixth-grader who lives in NYC. One day Miranda starts receiving letters from somebody who knows about her. Including the things that haven't happened yet.

I got lost again. This book was slow. It did not catch my attention. It was just very dull.

This book has some really great reviews, and I'm just so confused as to why. There is nothing spectacular about this book. Honestly, it was very boring for me to read. I just didn't click with it.  

6. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

This book is about Connor who has started having nightmares shortly after his mom's treatment for cancer begins. But he doesn't have regular nightmares. His nightmares are in the form of a monster that comes to visit him 7 minutes past midnight. Connor is also dealing with a father who is not really around, and a grandma who doesn't really understand him. 

Although I can see how this book is sad, and how people have enjoyed it - I just didn't. We just didn't click!! Looking back on the book I like it more than I did while I was reading it, but I still don't love it. I just felt it was kinda dull. Nothing really caught my attention and made me want to keep reading. 

Well, there you have it!! That is my October book review!! I hope you enjoyed and as always, if you have any book recs please leave them for me in the comments!!! Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. Hey Ella! Loved this book review! I know you are a Kiera Cass fan, so maybe you should try The Siren! It’s so good! I think you might enjoy it!

    1. I've actually had it on my Goodreads Want to Read for about 3 months but have never gotten around to reading it!! Maybe I should check it out this month!!

  2. LOVE this little space of yours Ella! I'm curious - how do you find and choose your book selections?

    1. Thank you!! I actually really struggle with trying to find books! My grandmother occasionally sends me some book ideas through emails that she receives, and I also like to look at book reviews on YouTube! As for choosing - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the app Goodreads!! You can basically organize all the books you have read, as well as books you want to read!! I use it as a book tracker and as a way to find books!!

  3. People Like Us sounds like my kind of story!