Weekly Wrap-Up: 11/8 - 11/14

Monday, November 16, 2020

Happy Monday!! One more week until Thanksgiving break, and trust me, I'm counting down the hours!! As always, I am sharing my Weekly Wrap-Up, and linking up with Heather and Lindsay!

S U N D A Y:

Sunday was Huddy's final tournament!! Anna and I spent the day at home, but then headed over to the ballfield for the last 2 games. 

Monday was a day of getting things done. We had our first bible study meeting which was amazing. I did some babysitting. Just trying to get ahead of the week!! 

Tuesday was another big workday. I posted my October Book Review, which is, of course, my favorite post of the month!! I had babysitting and Anna, Huddy, and my mom went to the lake.

We had school off on Wednesday, but that did not stop the grind!! I did a lot of reading and studying!! I went on a walk, and of course, we had some beautiful views.

On Thursday, My dad and I headed on up to the lake!! I took a science test...Isn't it the absolute best feeling when you study super hard for a test and pass? That was me on Thursday!! I did Anna's makeup, and I guess she was really feeling it!! Haha!!

Woohoo!! It's Friday!! I took two more tests, which I thankfully passed, so that put me on cloud 9 for the rest of the day!! We did some boat riding, and we had a nice warm fire!!

S A T U R D A Y:

Saturday morning, we started off with a hike!! Then we came home, and did some boating!! The perfect Saturday...minus the hike ;)

Well, that was my weekly wrap-up!! Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you back here tomorrow!!


  1. I am also counting the days till Thanksgiving! Our college kid comes home for the remainder of the semester, finishing remotely. Might as well celebrate the little gifts of this weird season...

    1. That's so nice!! I have definitely found myself enjoying all the littles things during this crazy time.