Boys Gift Guide.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Hey, y'all!! Happy Saturday!! My first weekend post of Blogmas!! Today I am sharing a boy's gift guide, and the best part...It's all from Amazon!! These are all things that Hudson loves/is asking for, so I hope that you get some ideas for the boy in your life!! Hope you enjoy 

Down to the 20 day mark!!

 1. Galaxy Light Projector

This is on the top of Hudson's wish list, and honestly, could be on mine too!! I don't know who else is like this, but Hudson loves lights. He currently has Christmas lights, Halloween lights, and regular twinkle lights in his room, so of course, he needs some lights for his ceilings!! This is honestly so cool. I mean who doesn't want a galaxy on their ceiling that changes colors?! This is a guaranteed great gift for any boy your shopping for!!  

2. Football

What boy doesn't want a football? And this one from Amazon is currently 25% off and 15 dollars!! A steal if you ask me!!

3. Sports Team Shirt

All boys want to gear up on their shorts team collection, so a new shirt/sportswear is always appreciated!! We are Alabama fans, so I think Huddy would most like this Columbia Alabama shirt!!

4. Lego Sports Helmet

Speaking along the lines of sports, this lego helmet is a great gift idea for any boy!! Huddy loves legos, and sports, so he would love this gift!! And it would keep him occupied for forever (which is always a plus😉)!!

5. Magnet Tiles

Huddy LOVES his magnet tiles!! He got them 3 years ago, and still uses them to this day!! Not only Huddy, but Anna and I like to join him too!! They last for so long, and they are a guaranteed gift that anybody will love!! And right now, they're on big sale!!

6. Socks

Huddy needs socks. Bad. He has a hole in literally every pair of socks he owns!! That being said, I think anyone could use some socks for Christmas...boys included. Huddy loves to wear high socks (I have no clue why), so I thought he would like these black Nike socks!!

7. Hammock

Huddy loves to swing in his hammock, and so do Anna and I!! A hammock is a great gift idea for anyone!!

8. Pajamas

Huddy LOVES getting new pajamas!! They're one of his favorite things to receive!! PJs are a great idea for anyone on your shopping list!! These PJs from Amazon are only $15, and come in 11 different patterns/colors!!!

9. Board Games

Who doesn't love to play board games!! There are so many board games that you can find on Amazon, but one of our favorites is Guess Who!!

10. Books

Books are, in my opinion, the best gifts!! Who doesn't want to cuddle up, and read a good book? Ahh, my dream day!! There are so many great book options, but for boys, I'd suggest Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!!

11. Boots 

What boy doesn't need some good boots!! Huddy uses his boots for everything!! This is a gift that any boy will definitely use!!

12. Hoverboard

Huddy and Anna both have hoverboards and they love them!! A gift that any boy (or girl!!) will love!!

13. Masks

Well, we live in 2020 and masks are a requirement, sooooo a great gift this year would be some masks!! Huddy loves to wear these gaitor masks!!

14. Walkie Talkies

We love walkie-talkies! Who doesn't!! Walkie-talkies would be a great gift for anyone your shopping for!!

15. Remote Control Car

I'm pretty sure that Huddy has asked for a remote control car for the past 5 years, and they always get their use!! A great gift!!

16. Slippers

Huddy is an old soul at heart, and loves some slippers!! If your boy is a homebody then slippers would be a great idea!! 

17. Nerf Guns

Huddy loves his Nerf Guns!! He has hidden them all over the house so he can attack his sisters whenever he wants 😂 A great gift idea!!

18. Over The Door Basketball Door

Huddy also has one of these, and trust me, he gets its use out of it!! A great idea for the boys on your list!!

19. Soccer Goal

What boy doesn't love to get outside and play with the ball? A soccer goal (or a goal of any kind) is a gift idea guaranteed to get a lot of use!!

20. Fishing Pole

Boys love fishing - not sure why, but they do, so a fishing pole would be a great idea!! An additional idea is a tackle box, and bait!

Well, that is all for today!! Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you tomorrow!! Have a great Saturday!! XO, Ella