Christmas Through The Years!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Happy Tuesday!! Y'all!! There are THREE days until Christmas!!! How crazy is that!?! 

Today I'm sharing a Christmas through the years!! I've done a few "through the years," posts on here, and I always have the best time writing them!! If you want to check out my other through the years, you can find them here!! 


My first Christmas!! I couldn't find a picture of Christmas, so here is one of me all bundled up 😂 That hat!! Haha!!


How cute are those pajamas?! And the bows!! Aww!! I got this Step 2 kitchen, and Anna and I played with it for years!!


I couldn't find a picture from Christmas 2009, but I did find this gem from November!! How cute?! Anna was only 6 months old!!


And the matching pajamas began!! After this year, we will have been wearing matching pajamas for over a decade!! How crazy is that?! This picture cracks me up...I'm having the time of my life, and Anna is just munching on some Cheerios 😆


This picture also cracks me up because the roles completely switched!! 

These outfits are so cute!! The shoes!! The bows!! The matching dresses!! Ahh, good times. 


Introducing Huddy!! He was only 4 months!! How cute are the pajamas!! Also - Hudson had the BIGGEST head as a baby 😂 He's grown into it, but looking at old photos of him always crack me up!!


Okay, these might be my favorite pajamas. How cute!?! 


Haha!! Huddy!! If this tells you anything about how we celebrate Christmas, then you would realize that we are always up so early ready to open gifts!! Bed head and yawns...pretty much sums up our Christmas!!


Huddy's smile!! Aww!! So sweet.


Oh, 2016. Anna got gerbils and let me tell didn't last long 😂 Funny story about the pajamas from this year...Anna and I were supposed to wear pajamas similar to Hudson's but in the pink version, but once we tried them on, they were huge. I'm still wearing them!!


Y'all...We always look so crazy in these early morning pictures 😂 Haha!!


And the flu began. We had to tune down our Christmas celebrations of 2018 because we were all sick with the flu!! Loving the pajamas though!!


We also had the flue this year too 😒 And I got the edition of braces!! Random fact: I literally got braces on December 23rd of 2019. How sad it that?! No Christmas food for me!! My braceverasary is tomorrow 😂

Thank you so much for reading this post!! I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did!! I will see you back here tomorrow to talk all about our annual Griswold Christmas party!!


  1. Clara and I had the same nightgowns as y’all did in 2016!!

  2. Aw I loved looking at all of these pics! I’ll have to dig out photos from 2007 and 2009.

  3. It is fun to see the growing throughout the years! Have a merry Christmas!

  4. So many great photos! I never ever remember to take photos on Christmas because I am just busy getting presents handed out and breakfast cooked, etc.

    1. I totally get that!! My mom used to have a photography business, so she always has her camera ready!!

  5. These are just too sweet, Ella! Isn't it so much fun to go back down memory lane?!?!

  6. Ella, I just had the best time scrolling through these photos of all of your Christmases! How fun! Y'all are so darn cute, I can't even take it! I hope you have the best Christmas despite this crazy, crazy year!