Evening Routine: December 2020

Sunday, December 20, 2020


Happy Sunday!! 

Y'all...There are 5 days until Christmas. What?! I can't believe it!! This month has gone by so fast!! 

Today I'm sharing my evening routine!! I shared my quarantine evening routine with y'all back in April, but it has changed a lot, so I'm back for part 2!! I hope you enjoy, and if you missed my morning. routine yesterday then you can find it here!!

Good evening!! My evening starts at around 5:30 with getting all the finishing touches on my blog post done for the next day!! I like to write all my blog posts in the morning, but sometimes that doesn't happen, so I have to write them in the evening!!

Dinner time!! Up on the menu, this evening was chicken pot pie!!

After dinner, I'll proofread my post and schedule it!!

Petsitting time!! I don't normally petsit in the evenings, but I did this one!!

Once I came back, I hung out with my family!! Sometimes we'll watch a show, and sometimes we'll just sit and talk, which is what we did this night!!

Sweet Henry!!

I've gotten into this habit of being super determined to finish a book before I fall asleep, which isn't a bad habit, but I always end up going to bed way later than I intend to!!

Pajama time!!

Hanging out with Anna before bed!!

Brush teeth time!!

Skinare time!! I've still been using Curology and my drying lotion!!

All ready for bed!!

Ahh. The best feeling is getting into your bed after a long day. Normally I'll read for a few minutes before bed, but on this night I treated myself to some Netflix!!

Good night!!

Thank you so much for reading!! I will see y'all back here tomorrow!! Have a great day!!


  1. love that blog post!! Have a great day!!

  2. I always end up staying up way to late reading unless I make an effort to put the book down by a certain time.

  3. You are a cutie!! Not sure how you found our wellness series and link up but so glad you did!! Love your smile, your darling room and the glimpse of the Christmas tree near your dresser. I try to read at night but we take melatonin and once it kicks in, it's lights out/book down for me. Seems that during the day, I don't allow myself time to read. Kind of a shame. Hope you will continue to join our link up in the new year.