Friday Favorites: 12/17/20

Friday, December 18, 2020


We've made it to Friday!! This week has felt so long, but also short at the same time!! But none of that matters, because we are officially on Christmas break!! Woohoo!! We're having a homeschool/virtual Christmas party to celebrate!! 

Today I'm linking up with Erika and Andrea to share some Friday Favorites!!

One more week!! I can't believe it!!! 

Lake weekends are the best weekends!! 

Paint by stickers...

Alabama football...

Hanging out with Huddy...


and the prettiest view!! So relaxing!! Always a favorite!!

Oh, dogs...

For those of you who are new here, I have 2 dogs. A rat-terrier, Ollie, and a chocolate lab, Henry!! They are so sweet!! Henry just turned 3 last month, and he has been calming down like crazy!! He normally lays around all day, and the only times that he'll get really hyper is in the evenings when my dad gets home. Henry associates my dad with playing, and he doesn't really ever calm down when he's around. That is, unless my dad has thrown, run, or walked with him. For 3 years old, 100 pounds, and HUGE, he really is a big baby😂 Ollie on the other hand still suffers from little man's disease. We've gotten him a bark collar, and it has helped a little bit, but he still thinks he's the alpha dog 😂 The relationship between these dogs, who are complete opposites, crack me up!!

Mornings with Huddy are a favorite!!

Cinnamon rolls for the win!!

He's so silly😂

Fun fact about Huddy: He gets all his work done first thing in the morning!! He doesn't procrastinate at all!! Wish I could be more like that😂😂

I have no clue what's going on here😂 Oh, Huddy.

Side note: These were all taken on the same morning😂

We love our elf!! Huddy gets so excited to see what he's going to do each morning!! We'll be sad to see him go!!

Writing my blog post yesterday, almost made me sad to see 2020 go!! Keyword: almost ;) I mean, obviously, this year has been the worst ever, but there have still been so many fun things that have happened!! I only included family events yesterday, but I will be doing an end of year recap where I'll include everything!! Stay tuned for that!!

Huddy has been LOVING his Magna-Tiles!! He got these 5 years ago, and he still plays with them to this day!! This is such a great gift!!!

He loves to make little villages with his cars and dragons!! Huddy, never grow up ;)
My final favorite from the week was getting to see Abby again!! 

We wore Christmas PJs, watched a Christmas movie, sang to Taylor Swift, and did school!!

So much fun getting to see each other again!!

Can't forget Ollie!! He cracks me up in this photo!!!

Well, those are some of my favorites from the week!! Check back here this weekend, because I will be sharing both my morning and evening routine!! Have a great Friday!! 


  1. I had the best time with you, Ella!! I can’t wait to see your morning and evening routines!

  2. It's so much fun to see friends. :) My older girls love paint by stickers. They are so much fun to do. Have an amazing break. :)

  3. Love all your favorite things! Your dogs are adorable!

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and by letting me know that you did by leaving such a sweet comment!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

    1. Aww, thank you!! Your decorations are gorgeous!! Have a great day!!

  5. Are you homeschooled, Ella (or just now during COVID)? I am a homeschool mom. :) How old is your little brother? He look about the age of one of my sons, who is 8, and also LOVES dinosaurs.

    1. This is Bri, btw, for some reason I am logged in under my husband I see. :)

    2. I am currently doing school virtually!! My school had the option to do school traditionally or virtually and I chose virtual!! However, my siblings are both following a homeschool curriculum!! My brother is 8 and loves all things where he can be creative!! He loves dinosaurs, cars, magna-tiles, legos, drawing...All those things!! He also loves to be outside!! He has some buddies that live down the street and they are always playing outside together!

  6. Those are some of my favorite things too! Love you! ❤️

  7. Adorable, enjoy your time & thank you for introducing me to your blog and for joining my #linkup. Jacqui x

  8. That fire looks fabulous! My boys used to love Magna Tiles and built with them for years.

  9. Your dogs are so cute! Love your buffalo plaid pajamas too! Such a fun post!