Weekly Wrap-Up: 12/5 - 12/12

Monday, December 14, 2020

Happy Monday!! GUYS. Can you believe that Christmas is next week!?! What!!!?? I can't!! 

This is our last week of school before break and THANK GOODNESS I don't have much to do!! An easy week was very much needed!! I only have to take one test and that's it!! 

Today I'm sharing another weekly-wrap up and linking up with Heather and Lindsay!! 

2 weeks through!!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day!! We spent the day at home just catching up for the week!! Huddy played with friends and got stuck in a tree!! 😂 Boys will be boys. Sunday night we went around the neighborhood looking at all the Christmas decorations!!

Getting into the Christmas spirit!! On Monday I had petsitting, bible study, and lot's of studying!! I took 3 English tests and passed them all which means that I am finished will all of my English tests for the rest of the school year!! The way my school's system works is that it gives you all the tests that you need to take for the year, as well as due dates for when they need to be taken, but it also allows you to work ahead, and that is what I did!! It feels so good to have that all off my chest for the rest of the year!!

Tuesday was another day full of school. You know the tests that you take at the end of the semester to know where you're at? That's what we, unfortunately, had. Really not too much other than that!!

More testing :( I spent the day snuggled up with Ollie and reading!!

Thursday I headed over to Abby's to do some school and just hang out!! It was so nice catching up with her because we hadn't seen each other in over a month!!! Other than that, nothing else was going on!!

On Friday, I petsitted for these two!! How cute? They're the sweetest puppies ever!!

Can't forget about Ollie!! On Friday I took 2 tests (I passed!!) and babysitted!! After all that, we headed up to the lake for a nice getaway!!

A typical lake weekend!! Football (roll tide!!), fires, reading, and the prettiest view!!

Well, friends, that was my week!! Thank you so much for reading and I will see you again tomorrow!!


  1. What a fun week! I had the best time seeing you! Can’t wait for Wednesday! ;)

  2. Reading Christmas is next week gave me a little jolt of panic! Not sure why I am all ready except for groceries but somehow that just seems so close.

  3. Great post Ella! Sounds like a great week! Love you!!

  4. i had to do a double take on my calendar when you said christmas is next week!! i hope you enjoy your school break! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  5. What a great week. Loved seeing the recap!

  6. I hope you have a great last week of school! And I think I felt like everyone rlse when you mentioned Christmas is next week��