Friday Favorites + Valentine Graphics!!

Friday, January 29, 2021

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!! Can I get a hallelujah!! Amen!! I am SOOOOO excited for today!! We're heading out to Birmingham, but of course, I've got some favorites for you!! Not only that, I have 8 Valentine graphics!! Make sure you read to the end to get them!! I hope you enjoy and I will see you on Monday!! 

I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Shelbee!!

Spending time with my buddy is a favorite!! This week, Huddy exchanged his costumes for PJs!! I mean, who can blame him!! He wears them pretty much all day until he goes to play with his friends and changes into some play-clothes!! 

Speaking of Huddy, he has been reading Number The Stars by Lois Lowry and LOVING it!!! My mom has been teaching him all about WW2 and the Holocaust. He loves learning about it!! A boy after his sister's heart. 😊 I think they're going to read The Boy In The Striped Pajamas next!! I loved both of those books so much!! If you have any book recommendations for Huddy, be sure to leave them in the comments!! I think he'd love Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, he just refused to read them...I've probably ruined it for him😂

Oh, so silly. 

Why does he make these faces? Why?! 

Oh, wait. Maybe I was wrong...

Is that Captain America?!

Normally I stay away from all of Anna and Huddy's ball stuff, but this week I made my way down to see what was up!!

We have a "batting area" underneath our house that Anna and Huddy use to practice their swings!! And yes, I did give it a try. And yes, I failed miserably. Softball is not my thing!!

Captain America plays baseball?

I'm pretty sure I called him Superman...He didn't like it😂

Sister time is the best time!! 

I talked about this a little bit on Monday, but I wanted to mention it again!! Huddy is very, very creative, so when we had some cardboard laying around, he wanted to use it!! He made a little "school hut!!" All out of cardboard!! He brought down his galaxy light, and he was ready to get his school done!! 

Y'all, this so unnecessary to share, but it made me laugh so why not!! 

Do your dogs like to watch TV? Ollie loves it!! Friday night, we were watching WandaVision and Ollie was watching it too!! He was making us laugh SO hard!!

He had a hard time staying awake!!

We ended the night by watching some of the Hunger Games😂

One on one time with mom is a favorite!! Anna, Huddy, and my dad were out so we got to spend some time together!! We went shopping and then watched Harry Potter!! A very fun Saturday!!

Definitely a favorite!!

Speaking of hunting, Huddy got one!! Y'all, he was so, so proud!! This is definitely Huddy's favorite from the week!!

Saturday nights are a favorite!! 

We love watching the Hunger Games!!

Baseball and softball have started back, and yes, they're loving it!! I, on the other hand, am not😩 Look at how grown Huddy looks!! I can't believe that he turns NINE in July!!

And finally, Anna, Huddy, Vivi, and I all went on a golf cart ride this week and had a blast!! We went to a hill in our neighborhood, and Huddy had so much fun fighting the girls...

...Haha!!! They're a hot mess!!

Fun, fun, fun!!

Okay, now for what you've all been waiting for...!! I have some Valentine's graphics for you today!! I hope you love them!!

Well, that was this week's Friday Favorites!! I hope you enjoyed this, and I will see you back here on Monday!!

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