2020 Recap.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Happy Tuesday!! Y'all, I am super excited for today's post!! I am sharing my 2020 recap!! This post is super long, so let's just get into it!!

Before we begin, I just wanted to share a big happy birthday to my PopPop!!

We love you PopPop!!

J A N U A R Y:

2020 had a rocky start. Maybe it was a sign? Ollie got Giardia and he was super sick. We were honestly a little scared that we were going to lose him. Good thing is that the vet was able to fix him up and that we still have our feisty little pup!!

We got to visit with Reese, which of course, was so much fun!! 

For Christmas, Huddy got tickets to a daddy-son baseball camp in Auburn. It was a one-night camp, and he was able to learn from the Auburn baseball coach and some of their players!! He had a lot of fun!! 

We spent the rest of our winter break at home watching movies, reading, and going to Huddy's soccer games!!

Then we went back to school and yes, we were very sad about it ;( Little did we know that we would only have 3 months left before becoming virtual students!!

Then came the storms. When I tell you that it rained every day until March, I'm not kidding!! 

Yep. It was awful. 

In January, we also celebrated my grandfather's birthday!! Our tradition every year is to go bowling, unfortunately, we won't be able to do that this year :( 

Then Huddy's soccer season ended!! He had a lot of fun!!

 Lots of hanging out with Huddy on the weekends!!

And hanging out with friends on the weekdays!!

Then, towards the end of January, track started!! 

In January, my grandmother, mom, sister, and I all went to an Auburn gymnastics meet and had so much fun!! 

F E B R U A R Y:

Then February hit!! We started the month off with a bang by celebrating Mati's birthday!!

We also celebrated Kate's birthday!!

And Riley's!!

We had Motion. I haven't been to Motion in almost a year!! So sad!!

We celebrated Valentine's day by doing our annual Daddy-Daughter date!! 

In February, we had Meg over and we had so much fun!!

And then, at the end of February, I had my first, and only, track meet. Unfortunately, it did not go as I would have hoped. Everything that could've gone wrong did. First off, I was only supposed to run in 1 event, but there were some missing people so I ended up running in 2 extra events. And not only that, they were Varsity events. I was in the 7th grade at the time. So I get there and warm up. Then they tell me that they need me to run a 1200 for a relay. In Varsity. I'm a little nervous, but I do it anyways because my team needs me. So, they shoot the gun, we run, and as I'm finishing my first lap, I fall. Yeah. It wasn't very good. 

So there, that's the story of my first track meet. And the worst part is that I never got a chance to redeem myself...maybe next year.

M A R C H:

At the beginning of March, nothing crazy was happening. Eat, sleep, school, track, repeat. That is until everything crazy started happening. 

Spring break was coming up and I was super excited because I was supposed to go to New York with my grandparents for my 13th birthday!! We had everything planned out, and then Covid hit and we had to stay home. I was upset at first, but now it doesn't bother me that much because I realize that if we went, we could've been stuck in New York for who knows how long! We're hoping to go sometime in 2022, but we'll see!!

So instead, we spent spring break at the lake!!

During this time, things kept getting canceled, and the world was shutting down...Good thing I didn't go to New York ;)

And then, virtual school started...

It was something like we've never done before, but we adapted well and learned to love it!! 

Then we sort of started a routine: school, family time, lake...

Lots and lots of family time!!

Lake on the weekends!!

And school on the weekdays!! All the teachers from Huddy's school did a little "parade" in our neighborhood and he loved it!!

More lake time on the weekends...

More school on the weekdays...

Lake on the weekend...

School on the weekdays...

Lake on the weekends!! And it pretty much went on like that all March long!!

A P R I L:

And then the month that lasted forever...

We started April with doing pretty much the same thing!! School, family time, and then going to the lake!

Once we realized that we were going to be in quarantine for a while, we started venturing out of our little routine!! We started spending more time outside!! Remember all the awful weather that I was talking about in January? Well, in April, it couldn't be more the opposite. We had the BEST WEATHER EVER!! 70s every day, sunny...for being in quarantine, the weather and all the outside time was something that really cheered us up!!

Lots and lots of bike rides!!

We were also still spending a lot of time at the lake!!

Hammocks, hikes, and chalk...It really got us through the quarantine with a positive attitude!!

The best thing about the quarantine was that we did not have a lot of school to do!! We were pretty much done before lunchtime, so the afternoons were full of free-time!! I started blogging again after quite a long break, and revamped my blog along with it!! I also started reading like I never had before!! After leading such a busy lifestyle before quarantine, it was nice to settle down and enjoy the little things in life.

And then Easter hit!! We weren't able to go to church, but we made the most out of it from home!!

We also celebrated my parent's 15th anniversary!!

Some people who LOVED the quarantine was the dogs!! With all of us home, we spoiled them so badly!! 

With all the time at home, my mom decided to spend this time doing projects around the house!! One thing that she did was stain our back porch!! 

And then, at the end of April, us kids headed up to the lake with the grandparents for some one-on-one time!!

M A Y:

May started with a family, weekend lake trip!!

Huddy's baseball season was about to restart, so he worked hard to get some extra reps in!!

Then we celebrated my 13th birthday!!

It was a very small celebration with my family, but I couldn't ask for anything more!!

We took this picture 7 years ago!!

Then we celebrated mother's day!!

Anna spent some time with her friends...social distance style!!

And Huddy spent lots of time outside with my neighbors!!

I got lucky enough to spend some one-on-one time at the lake with my grandparents!!

Huddy was still loving all the outside time!!

And I was enjoying the time at the lake!!

And then the rest of the family came to enjoy me!!

And then Anna, Vivi, and I also spent some time at the beach in my neighborhood!!

And then it was time to head up to the lake for Memorial Weekend!!

We also celebrated my dad's birthday!!

Then, at the end of May, we celebrated Anna's 11th birthday!!

J U N E:

June started with summer!!! 

We started our summer with heading up to the lake!!

In June I was able to reconnect with Kate after not seeing her for a very long time!!

Also in June, all the ball restarted!!

I chose to spend this time at the lake ;)

I also got to see Meg after a very long time!!

And the ball was still going strong. 

More time with Kate!!

And more ball!!

We also celebrated Father's day!!

And the ball was still going!!

And then I ended off the month with spending some more time with Meg!!

J U L Y:

At the beginning of July, we celebrated the 4th of July up at the lake!!

Our Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Brian came too!!

We also celebrated my grandmother's birthday!!

And Huddy finished up his league baseball season!!

But his travel season was still going strong!!

I got to visit with Reese!!

Then we headed to the beach for Anna's softball tournament!!

Anna won the home run derby!!

Sadly, Anna's team got out on the 2nd day, but we were still able to have some beach time!!

We also celebrated Huddy's 8th birthday at the beach!!

Once we got back, my grandmother and I were able to go see the procession of John Lewis's body. 

John Lewis was a civil-rights leader who served in the House of Representatives for Georgia's 5th congressional district from 1987 until his death from pancreatic cancer. John Lewis spent his whole life fighting for civil rights and he is often called one of the most courageous people in the civil rights movement. John Lewis was one of the leaders of the peaceful protest on Edmund Pettus Bridge where he was hit brutally on the head by a state trooper. John Lewis also participated in many Freedom Rides and he worked alongside Martin Luther King. 

I feel very honored that I was able to attend John Lewis' procession. I learned so much about his life and legacy, and I will never forget all that he did for our country. 

"Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble. Necessary trouble. " 
-John Lewis

We spent the end of July soaking in as much summer as we could!!

And Huddy was still having baseball tournaments every weekend!!

At the end of July, our bible study hosted a paint fight!! Kate and I went, and we had a blast!!

A U G U S T:

At the beginning of August, we tried our hardest to enjoy our last little bit of summer!! I spent some time at the pool with Meg and...

We celebrated Abby's birthday!!

We also spent a few weekends up at the lake looking for a new lake house!!

And Huddy was STILL having baseball all the time!!

Then school started!! Except this year it would be a little different because we were all doing school virtually!! Huddy went into 2nd grade, Anna was going into 6th, and I was going into 8th!!

And probably the most exciting thing about 2020, my grandparents found a new lake house!! 

To stay social while being virtual, my friends and I decided to go to lunch once a week and we always had a blast!!


S E P T E M B E R:

At the beginning of September, I became obsessed with digital design and using Procreate!! Eventually, at the end of September, I would go on to share monthly graphics on my blog!!

We spent Labor Day weekend at the lake, which would be our last weekend at the lake before moving into the new place!!

We miss you Oak Cottage!!

Once we came back, virtual school came in at full swing!!

And yes, baseball was STILL HAPPENING...Can y'all tell that I was tired of it? I was!!

We were also still having our virtual lunches each week!!

Baseball and softball...Yep, still not over. 

Meg came over for a fun visit and...

We celebrated Mary Hayden's birthday!!

O C T O B E R:

October wasn't a super eventful month...With Covid cases rising, we spent a lot of time at home!! Starting out October, I got to visit with Meg!!

We were also continuing our virtual lunches!!

And the baseball and softball were still continuing...The boys got to participate in a fun Halloween tournament, which they won!!

In October, we traveled to Atlanta for a softball tournament!!

Once we got back, we mainly spent our time at home!! We went on lots of walks, and Anna and I started making weekly trips to our neighborhood's coffee shop!!

At the end of October, we carved pumpkins to get into the Halloween spirit!!

We also moved into our new lake house!! Arguably the best part of 2020 ;)

And then at the end of October, we celebrated Halloween!! It looked a little different this year, but that didn't make it any less fun!!

N O V E M B E R:

November started off with a bang with Huddy's baseball season FINALLY ending!! After 6 months...We were all ready for it to be over!!

In November, we spent a lot of our time at the lake!!

We also started doing a bible study with some of my virtual friends!!

And then Anna had her final tournament!!

Then we had Thanksgiving break which we spent at the lake!!

Although 2020 was awful, the weather we had was such a blessing!! Besides it raining all the time in the beginning, and it not getting cold until November, we had amazing weather!!

D E C E M B E R:

December started with our elf paying us a visit!!

We tried to get in the Christmas spirit as much as we could by looking at all the pretty Christmas lights!!

I got to visit with Abby a few times in December which was so much fun!!

Anna got to do to a little gift swap with her buddies!!

My dad, sister, and I did our annual Christmas shopping trip!!

We decorated Christmas cookies...

Celebrated Christmas Eve...

And then Christmas!!

At the end of the month, I got to visit Reese!!

And then we ringed in the New Year at the lake!!

Whew!!! Well, friends, that was my 2020!! This year was a tough one, but I have grown and learned so much from it!! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that you have the best 2021!!


  1. What a fun 2020! I am so glad I got to spend some time with you! I'm definitely hoping we can see each other more!

  2. Sounds like you still had a great 2020 despite everything!! I love all the time you got to spend at the lake!

  3. We go bowling every January too! One of my sons and his friend are born just a week or so apart so we head out bowling together each year. We COULD have done that this year since our lanes are open (with reservations and whole slew of safety guidelines) but we've opted to just hang out together at our house instead.

    1. That’s so fun!! Yeah, we’ll be celebrating at home this year!!

  4. What a wild, crazy, and fun year 2020 was! I love this recap. While there were all kinds of new challenges - lots of unexpected blessings too. I am so thankful for all of our family time! ❤️

  5. Wow what a great post Ella! I had a blast being with you all that time! Even though 2020 was a pain in the butt we still had so much fun!

  6. Great job on the post! 2020 was a very rough year, but looks like we all got through it. Now to start 2020 off right I think, and know we can do it!! 🤣😃 Hears to hoping!!

  7. Ella, you have such a beautiful family! I love all the family photos. And in all the other ones, your smiles are just so contagious! It looks like you really made the best of a bad year and maintained a positive perspective! Thanks for sharing your joy and light with us.


    1. Thank you Shelbee!! That just made my day!! 💗💗