Let's Look At Our Love Languages + A Day In My Life!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Happy Wednesday! And happy hump-day!! Today I've got lots on the lineup because I am linking up with Shay and Erika for let's look AND sharing a day in the life!! 

For this month's let's look, we are looking at our love languages!! I talked a little bit about this in January's monthly musings, but I'm going to touch on it a little more in today's post!! 

I think I'm to go about this post by saying the love language and then talking about how it relates to me...We'll see how this goes!! I hope you enjoy!! 


So, believe it or not, quality time is my love language!! Quality time came in at a grand total of 37% when I took the test. I enjoy one-on-one time full of laughing, talking, and just spending undivided time together (with whomever that may be)!


This one came in 2nd with a whopping 23%. I honestly wasn't too surprised. I love giving gifts and you know, receiving gifts is always nice ;)   


I was actually surprised to see words of affirmation come in 3rd place. I love receiving uplifting and kinds words, but I feel like I'm bad at giving them. I working on it ;)


Acts of service...17%. This one is tough because I really do love acts of service BUT I'm horrible at giving them. It's something that I want to work on. 


And finally, touch. 3%. That says a lot, doesn't it...Haha!! Like I said, I'm not a touchy person in the slightest. I like my own space. My own bubble. 

Well, that wraps up my love languages!! Now it's time to share my day in the life!!

Side note, this was one of my busiest school days EVER, so I sat in front of my computer all. day. long. 

Yes. I know. I've been waking up anywhere between 4:30 - 5 recently. VERY early and VERY not bright. And yes, VERY not fun...I don't know why I do it. 

The first thing that I do once I roll out of bed is, make my bed!! Of course!!

And while I'm doing this, I'm listening to my audiobook!! Speaking of which, If you haven't read Abby and I's book club picks for February then you are seriously missing out...Educated is SO GOOD!!! 

I skipped the workout on this Thursday, so I got right into getting ready for the day!! Top is here, yoga pants are here!!

Then it was quiet time!! I've been changing up my routine to where I work out, get ready, and then do my quiet time and I've been enjoying it so much more!! 

After that, I got started on my work for the day!! 

First things first, writing a blog post!! And watching Gilmore Girls ;)

Meanwhile, the sun was serving us some GORGEOUS views!!

So pretty.

One of the blessings of waking up early!!

Once the blog post had been written, I bundled up because it was FREEZING, and caught up on a little bit of Spanish work. 

So fun, am I right?

Then I caught up on career prep.

Came downstairs for a little break, and to see the doggos!!

Henry walks around with this blanket in his mouth...It's so funny!!

Then it was time for my first zoom of the day...science!!

I passed a test...10/10, woohoo!!

Science was followed by Spanish and breakfast!!

After Spanish, I had to take a math test!! Y'all, I was SO nervous for this test (it's 70% of our grade) and passed with a 100...I was so happy!!

Then it was time to study...Unfortunately. 

Studying continued for quite a long time, so I switched positions to watch some Hamilton while I worked!!

Ollie joined me :)

Then it was lunchtime!! Que the Bubble Guppies song. I forgot to take a picture, so here's one of my half-eaten sandwich, crumbs, and Applesauce trash...So yum!

And of course, I caught up with the dogs.

Then I had to test for a science project!! We're trying to make "insulators" so that is what I did!!

My ice did not melt...Yay!!

Then I filled out the paperwork following the experiment. While watching Hamilton, of course.

Then I came downstairs and studied some more.

I took a break to get a snack and then...

Took Henry for a walk!!

Then I came back and got some snuggles from Ollie while working on some book reviews!!

Then it was dinnertime, and this was the last picture that I got :( I ate, showered, and then watched some TV with my family before heading up to bed. 

Well, that wraps up this post!! Thank you so much for reading and I will see you back here on Friday!!


  1. I can't wait to read Educated! I love reading your Day In The Life posts!

  2. Henry and his blanket 💙...so cute! Enjoyed the love language recap, too. Great post, Ella!

  3. Love that you figured out your love languages! Mine are gifts and words of affirmation,


  4. I LOVE how driven you are- I would hire you in a heartbeat if you lived in New England :)

  5. My love language is acts of service for sure. I love when people do things for me! Fun to follow along with your day as well!

    1. Thank you!! I think that's my sister's but opposite...She's very nurturing!!

  6. Great post Ella! Thanks for sharing your love language test

  7. Ella - you are so much more organized and put together than I have ever been! I'm so proud of you everyday. One of my favorite love languages is YOU! xoxo

  8. I did the love languages a few years ago and was surprised by my results!! Have a great Wednesday!

  9. 70% of your grade is so much! Congratulations on the 100%. :) Touch is pretty low on my love languages too.

    1. I know right?! Stresses me out every time!! Thank you!!

  10. What a productive day in the life!

  11. Congratulations on your test scores! I need to take this love language test.

  12. You are so good in making photos of all these moments! I keep forgetting it!

    1. I forget all the time!!! I have to try to make a conscious effort each day to get a photo!!

  13. I loved Educated! Can't wait to read you and Abby's thoughts on it!